Happy New Year, guys!

2012 was a whirlwind of crazy changes for me!
I’m really looking forward to being able to settle into a version of my life that I can stick with for a while, without something huge coming through to unsettle me.

One of the many changes that happened during 2012 was that I transitioned to full time freelance.
I’ve been working so hard with so many projects and different clients that I haven’t had a chance to stop and breathe, let alone update this blog.

That said, I’ve been doing so much cool stuff!
All the projects have been fun to work on, and I feel like I’m doing the best work I’ve ever done.
& I know I said this months ago, but I’m working on a full redesign of this website and blog to highlight all this new work- so all of you can see it too!

I’m really hopeful that this new chapter is the beginning of something really excellent.
Thanks to all of you for reading. Your support has meant so much to me!
Here’s to an awesome new year!

My dear friends at Coilhouse announced today that they are going on hiatus.
I was honored to be asked to illustrate their goodbye post.
In addition, I was lead developer and codesigner of their new webpage, which I spent many long days and late nights working on with the lovely Miss Nadya Lev.

Coilhouse has been an inspiration to me for the past 5 years.
I am so happy to have been involved with such an amazing project- run by such a lovely group of humans.

If you know their work- please visit and wish them well in their future endeavors.
If you are unfamiliar, please let yourself pour over their archive- there’s lots of stuff in there that’s worth a read.

I’ll be posting a design breakdown on the new site design after Thanksgiving, but in the meantime, go over to Coilhouse and congratulate them on the end of this chapter and the start of a new one.

Well, sometimes things don’t turn out as expected.

Recently my life has taken a sharp turn in a new direction.
At the risk of sounding cryptic, let’s just say that I’ve had a rough time of it lately, and subsequent developments have filled my life with uncertainty.

Right now I’m just taking some time to be okay with that.
For the past couple years, it feels like every four months or so has brought some fresh disaster to knock me off balance.
The truth is, things have been this way for a while and it’s high time for me to stop waiting for things to settle down and just own it.

“Maturity, one discovers, has everything to do with the acceptance of ‘not knowing.”
― Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves

For right now, I’m keeping busy.
I’m redoing this website- I’m redoing lots of websites, actually.
I’m doing some editorial illustration, I’m doing a lot of branding, I’m trying to get my jewelry line ready in time for x-mess orders.
I’ve got a truly ludicrous amount of irons in the fire, and I’m just waiting to strike at what heats up.

At this point I’m throwing my energy into anything that sounds exciting.

Doing something exciting? Let me know!

I don’t know what comes next-
you tell me.

To those of you asking what happened to my February cover- much like Bill OReilly, I did it live!

I premiered it to a packed house at my Lost Church show on Saturday…and I’m pretty sure somebody got some video. I’ll be sure to post it if I can track it down.

I’ll be posting the studio version in the next couple days, as soon as I can get the thing mastered.

To those of you wondering, I did February Stars, by the Foo Fighters.

I realize, internet, that this is a disappointment.
So, please accept this illustration instead – which was supposed to be the cover for January’s installment. It’s a redone version of this illustration from 2004 or so. I’m not sure that this is the final coloring that I’m going to go with. If anybody has opinions on this, please send them my way.
I’m trying to experiment with more minimal coloring methods.

Soon, you all will have a February track, and the March one won’t be too far behind it!

I’m playing a show on December 1st at The Lost Church with my dear friend Myrrh Larsen, and you all should come.

I imagine this set will be full of things you haven’t heard from me in a long time as well as things you’ve never heard before.

Also this is my favorite venue in SF right now, and it’s only got 50 seats!
They assure me that the link for presale tickets will be up at really soon, so check there to see if you can get tickets ahead of time.

It would really mean a lot to me if you’d come.

<3 S