On my birthday, I went to Golden Gate Park and spent some quality time with my Mom.
She had never been to San Francisco before, so I took her to the Conservatory of Flowers. Lucky for us, it happened to be their monthly free day!

While I had been to the conservatory before, I had never seen the Dahlia Dell. It was there that I learned that the Dahlia is the official flower of San Francisco.

I sat in the butterfly garden and watched the monarchs hatching. I love the gold and green pattern on their cocoons. I want to do something inspired by that palate now! Monarchs have the market cornered on color combinations, IMHO.

The Butterfly garden just got extended through March, so you have plenty of time to visit if you’re local.
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I recently attended Designer Vaca in Palm Springs, which was really awesome and inspiring! Unfortunately, I’ve been traveling a bunch and haven’t been able to post about it.
To tide you over until I can- here are some illustrations I did of me and Shauna from last year’s conference.

I haven’t posted these anywhere, except for the one below, which is obviously on the front page of this website- but here it is uncropped and high res!


To up the ante a little bit, and encourage me to keep making and collaborating with all the lovely ladies I met at DV, I’m inviting all you ladies who attended to send me a photo you took at this year’s conference. I’ll draw an illustration similar to the ones above from your photo and I’ll include in my post for this year!

But I only have time to draw ONE!

So comment here, email me, facebook message- just send me something highish res and I’ll pick one, okay?
Send me your faves!


This project is part of a greater initiative by Dandelion Chocolate called Chocolate+. The project focuses on the experience of pairing chocolate with other things, such as bourbon, coffee, and wine. I came up with the branding and concept for this initiative. Dandelion has teamed up with several local businesses to host tasting events.

For this particular Chocolate+ event, Lisa Gallinger, chocolate maker at Dandelion Chocolate and Michael Lazar, bar manager at Hog & Rocks, teamed up to lead a tasting of single origin chocolates and barrel strength bourbons. The tasting event, part of an ongoing series, allowed participants to learn about the production of both chocolate and bourbon, understand how to best taste and evaluate each product and then experience the alchemy of tasting both together.

My task for the event was to design tasting notes and mats for the chocolate and bourbon. My challenge was to create a cohesive design that combined the Dandelion and Hog & Rocks brands. For the final design, I chose to go with chocolatey earth tones and created a subtle patterned texture using the plus sign, to underscore the Chocolate+ brand. I also photographed the event. Pictures below!


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Hurray! After months of work, my new website is live!

This new version has been designed to put a greater focus on my portfolio, which now has its own page. I’ll be doing a breakdown of all these new projects on my blog in the coming weeks!

The new site layout has a hefty amount of flat design influence, as well as some parallax scrolling effects that I’m totally stoked on.

The site is fully responsive, meaning that the layout shifts depending on whether the site is viewed on a desktop, tablet or phone. I’ve also switched to Jetpack for comments, which means that you can now comment using your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Typography on the web is getting more and more dynamic as new web fonts and plugins become available. This site is set in a combination of Brandon Grotesque and Hypatia Sans. I also made use of FitText.js, an excellent plugin that allows designers to make text on their webpages resize in a fluid fashion.

Special thanks to Nadya Lev, Nubby Twiglet, and Tim Riot for their unending support while I put all of this together. Let me know what you guys think of my new look, and be sure to check out the work page to see lots of new stuff!


DOUBLE EDITION! Brought to you thanks to the ddos attack that leveled my blog last week, making me unable to post. More on that later. But now, photos- In the brand new WordPress Jetpack mosaic format! PREEEETY.

1. Double dragon. This was Mission Chinese lunch with 2 folks who has not previously enjoyed the glory of their food. So much fun to watch their faces as they nommed like that had never nommed before.
2.Chinatown Bang 2013. This is one of my favorite things. Check out my video post for an in depth recap.
3. My friend Oscar. The folks at Stuff had these life size oscar statues out front! So neat!
4. This guy. Oh man. To whoever put this googly eye on this plant. I love you. Also what plant is this? All you folks helped out greatly with the rosehip, so I don’t doubt that one of you will know.
5. Utility power…and a cyclops. This one kind of speaks for itself.
6. Conversation hearts. The folks at Stanza know that “sext me” is clearly the romantic statement of the century.
7. Happiest of Valentines to all my lovelies! <3<3 I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.
8. 6, 43, 39 Just waiting for my number to come up.

9. The view from here. Had an excellent weekend staycation adventure at the Kabuki. Here’s Tim and Lisa on the balcony looking like something from a movie.
10. Edison was kind of a jerk. Srsly, He killed an elephant.
11. Wrong way. I really liked how the background blur worked out on this one.
12. Post-Valentines at the Bull Valley roadhouse. Glitter letters by Wendy Addison, hanging in my new favorite bay area restaurant.
13. Building Bridges. The natural motion blur on the foreground really made this photo for me.
14. Caution. Wet paint. This whole building was *covered* in tape!