My apologies that I’m a bit late in getting this up. But I promise I’ll make up for it with some other really awesome content soon!

Muir Woods | Sugar on the keys | Plus pastel. | “Every girl goes through a photography phase…”

1. Jillian was visiting from New York and she’d never seen the redwoods before, so we made a trip to Muir Woods! More on this trip soon.
2. Gaylord’s cafe has an organ from the 70’s inside their condiment table. So cool!
3. This week I discovered that Blender is the most superior of all the double exposure apps. This is some telephone wires and a decorative concrete block.
4. This is a horribly cliche shot of my legs in stripey tights. I posted it originally with a quote from Lost in Translation, referring to how horribly cliche photos like this are. All that said, I still posted it.

Persimmon maybe? | Lines & leaks. | The magic hour. | Like one of @thisrabbit’s collages.

5. I shot this not knowing what kind of plant it was. Thanks to all of you, I now know it’s a rosehip!
6. I discovered ndpatterns this week- which you can download for free and use in your projects! You just have to tag the things you make with #ndpatterns. Special thanks to Neal Dieker!
7. This shot was an experiment with using Gelo and Over, which are 2 pretty awesome apps. I don’t generally use a lot of text on my IG photos, but you guys seemed to like this, so maybe I’ll do more of it.
8. Lastly, this photo reminded me a lot of one of Sou MacMillan’s collages after I edited it. Mostly just the colors and the sharpness.


Golden Gate Bridging it.

Parlour Trick Kickstarter Concert


Jilli changes her septum

Boy- I was all trees and telephones this week wasn’t I? I’ll try to cut down on that! Until next week!



371. | @timriot making photoshop magic. | The visible man, in 3d. | In front of the weird installation in the window at Madrone.

1. Whenever I walk by this gate in my neighborhood, I always notice how this 7 looks like a scythe.
2. This photo was run through so many apps I can’t even remember them all. First, a hipstamatic double exposure, then lots of Gelo gels, through decim8 and back again, add bokeh, etc. The photo is actually of Tim working on some truly epic stuff for Adobe. I’ll update you on that when it comes out to the public (I’m so proud of him!).
3. This is a weird one. This gallery down the street has these weird windows with spiral grating on them, but they wedged one half of a Visible Man doll between the grate and the window, so when the lights are on the shadow is all weird. Then I just added some 3d effect.
4. There’s a giant light up installation in the window of Madrone- which actually makes a pretty great diffused light for photos.
I might go back with a more serious camera and a crazy outfit before they take it down.


No way back. | One way to sunset. | Aerialist Electric Blue’s shadow. | Lincoln’s face on all the ads.

5. People have been wheatpasting all over the burnt out Walgreens since they boarded it up, and they’ve been shoddily painting over them the whole time. I liked this tiger and also the guy behind him.
6. Sutro Tower forevs.
7. I went to the Soviet Space themed Hubba Hubba show to see my ladyfriend do her tribute to Laika the space dog. This aerialist was awesome, but I spent almost as much time watching her shadow as I did her. It just looked so awesome against those curtains!
8. I mistakenly took this Lincoln head for street art. Apparently this is the actual Ad. I guess I was just calibrated for Lincoln fandom after the vampire hunter and Daniel Day Louis bit.


Let’s take just a moment about Because it’s awesome, and you should use it. I’m Star StGermain on there, since the period in my last name is invalid punctuation or something. :/ Anyway- if nobody objects, I’m going to put my little vine videos in these posts too, cool? If you’re viewing on an rss feed, this might not work, so click on through to the original post.

The Parlour Trick- motion tests

Labels for fishes

Rainbow Pastries

Drawing the millipede from Charlie the Unicorn 4

That’s it for this week. I’m going to go get some awesome french toast now!


This post is going up rather late in the day because I was busy enjoying Pie Friday. Trust me guys- so worth it.
This week was packed with all kinds of epic things, both work and play!


1. I shot this in the window of the now-closed Om Sham Teahouse. I’ve always loved those reflective bodoni-ish numbers.
I was pleased when I realized after the fact that the second 3 caught my face in it. I wonder what will go in here now that the tea is gone!

2. This was a several shot appsperiment of the rainbow lanterns in my friend Nadya’s room. I used about 8 different apps to make this shot, but I’m really happy with how it came out after some initial false starts that just didn’t capture the vibrance of how it looked in real life.

3. A gold toothed skull in the Prarie Collective storefront. The original shot was rather earthy in nature, so of course I ran it through decim8 until it was cold and mechanical looking. After which, I used dxp to overlay a few different variations on what decim8 turned out. I added extra triangles with the gelo app that mimicked the glass dagger effect from decim8- but gave me control over where they would appear. This is a much better expression of the more dynamic kinds of effects I think I’ll be using from the Decim8 app- which feels more successful than last week’s lightbulb shot.

4. I was interested in playing with the new hipstamatic tintype lens- having gotten a real one at Photobooth a few months back. I had heard that this lens used the iPhone’s facial recognition to help determine where to place the depth of field- which was super interesting to me. Unfortunately, the lens uses a ton of memory and was super crashy for me. If you’re having this problem, try to quit everything and restart your phone before even attempting to use it. All that said- so far I’ve had the most success using it on things that aren’t people. I’m sure I’ll eventually shoot some portraits with it later and talk about the facial recog thing more then.


5. Valencia and 26th. The entire crosswalk is covered with blue splatters. No idea how it got that way. Anyone know?

6. The Edwardian Ball. I helped the ball with some design and development this year, so I was especially excited to go. This ripped up portrait totally spoke to me and is largely unedited except for the color. Super curious who the people in it were.

7. More Edwardian Ball. This was Vau de Vivre’s production of Edward Gorey’s The Doubtful Guest- which was totally wonderful. I’ll ping you guys with video if it ever turns up on the internet, because it was just that good.

8. The night before, Tim and I went to see Tycho. Some of you might know Tycho better as Scott Hansen of ISO50 fame. I really preferred the visuals to the performance at this show- which makes sense, as Scott is a brilliant designer. I wish I had gotten a good shot of some of the desert footage he was showing, but the light was too tough in there to capture it.

That’s all for this week. Check out my instagram feed for updates as they happen, or higher res shots!


This has been a packed week, my friends. Here’s a quick rundown of all the stuff I snapped!


1. My neighbors are painting their house purple! I took a ton of pictures of it while they were painting. It was an awesome purple mess.

2. Upon upgrading my phone, one of the first things I did was download the Decim8 App, as it wouldn’t work on the previous OS. I haven’t really figured out how to work it into my regular photo editing workflow yet, but here’s a first try. This was originally a photo of a crazy lamp.

3. I’m in love with this pencil burst mirror! Too bad it was over $500. I took this photo after coming from a job interview at California College of the Arts, where I was applying to teach a summer comics class for 9th graders.
I got the job! So come July, I’ll be teaching the next generation the ways of the sequential arts. Call me Professor.

4. When I was on my way to the interview, I was taking the BART into Oakland. The windows are so grimy it’s like shooting with a filter even if you don’t use one. This is, of course, filtered- but the dirt really made the photo.


5. I actually took this picture in the Rare Device window a few weeks back, but only got around to editing it now.
This was a just a tiny section of the original picture.

6. Similar to the Decim8 shot above, this was also edited with a new app I’ve been trying out. Gelo lets you add overlays that are similar to using colored gel in analogue photography. I liked the result, but you guys in instagramland seemed less impressed, so I’m probably going to try to use it more creatively next time.

7. I stumbled along this random pony when I was coming home from recording this week’s Destroy All Podcast on Alien. Click that if you want to hear me give nerds a typography lesson.

8. Lastly, here’s a shot from West Portal- an area I haven’t spent much time in until recently. The whole street is lined with lovely gnarled trees, made all the more lovely when the light is as nice as it was in this shot.

Here’s looking forward to next week!


I’ve been actively taking cell phone pictures and sharing them for a few years now, starting with the remnants series back in 2009, and of course on photo sharing sites like instagram and flickr.

I’ve found myself inspired by my friends and acquaintances who have tried to push themselves to create better and better things using their phones (DocPop and Kris Atomic come to mind) by using in camera apps to make their photos extra awesome.

Now that it’s been a while, I feel like I’ve managed to start taking some pretty awesome shots. More importantly, I’ve managed to take and post photos I’m proud of on a regular basis.

I’ve struggled with what to do with this content, and for a long time I’ve just shuttled all my photos off to tumblr/flickr/facebook & called it done. But I’ve grown dissatisfied with this, so I want to see if I can make this bunch of photos into a weekly roundup of sorts- in the hopes that it helps me to take more/better photos. Also, there’s the added bonus of having a record of every week- and more regular blog updates. Here’s hoping I can stick with it?

From the hip 1/13

1. The mirror in the bathroom at the El Rio. I had gone to watch my ladyfriend compete in the Go Deep lube wrestling series. She had one win and one loss, respectively. A ton of people were yelling at me to hurry up while I took this photo, which was nearly impossible to get in focus in the low light. These things take time.

2. I walk by this gate most every day, as it is very near to my house. I’ve almost taken this photo more times than I can count, but for some reason held off until now. I’m glad I did.

3. The rain and cold has been dreadful this winter! I say this, of course, completely betraying my New England roots. It is far colder back east, and my family has not let me forget it.
The drops stick to the panes and shimmer like glitter, and as I sit shivering in my drafty house, I almost think it’s worth it.

4. This was, in fact, a mighty fine sunset.

From the Hip 1/13 #2

5. My band played a show during Art Murmur at the Moco Gallery. The bathroom was down the block, behind a gate and up a flight of stairs. It required 3 keys to get into. Luckily when I got there I not only got to pee, but was also greeted by this delightful retro wallpaper. All the voices in my head agreed that the print looked like panties.

6. Oh man do ginko leaves make me happy! When they shed themselves basically all at once and the entire block is full of yellow awesomeness? Best ever. It is my own tiny San Francisco version of New England fall foliage.

7. I’ve always wanted a red Kit Kat Clock, so I clearly had to snap a picture of this one. I like how he looks extra janky and weird because the HDR setting on my phone made the right eyeball double expose a little.

8. This display in the Accident & Artifact window made me swoon. I hope it makes you swoon too!

To see more of these images, as I post them, follow me on Instagram!


Happy New Year, guys!

2012 was a whirlwind of crazy changes for me!
I’m really looking forward to being able to settle into a version of my life that I can stick with for a while, without something huge coming through to unsettle me.

One of the many changes that happened during 2012 was that I transitioned to full time freelance.
I’ve been working so hard with so many projects and different clients that I haven’t had a chance to stop and breathe, let alone update this blog.

That said, I’ve been doing so much cool stuff!
All the projects have been fun to work on, and I feel like I’m doing the best work I’ve ever done.
& I know I said this months ago, but I’m working on a full redesign of this website and blog to highlight all this new work- so all of you can see it too!

I’m really hopeful that this new chapter is the beginning of something really excellent.
Thanks to all of you for reading. Your support has meant so much to me!
Here’s to an awesome new year!