This has been a packed week, my friends. Here’s a quick rundown of all the stuff I snapped!


1. My neighbors are painting their house purple! I took a ton of pictures of it while they were painting. It was an awesome purple mess.

2. Upon upgrading my phone, one of the first things I did was download the Decim8 App, as it wouldn’t work on the previous OS. I haven’t really figured out how to work it into my regular photo editing workflow yet, but here’s a first try. This was originally a photo of a crazy lamp.

3. I’m in love with this pencil burst mirror! Too bad it was over $500. I took this photo after coming from a job interview at California College of the Arts, where I was applying to teach a summer comics class for 9th graders.
I got the job! So come July, I’ll be teaching the next generation the ways of the sequential arts. Call me Professor.

4. When I was on my way to the interview, I was taking the BART into Oakland. The windows are so grimy it’s like shooting with a filter even if you don’t use one. This is, of course, filtered- but the dirt really made the photo.


5. I actually took this picture in the Rare Device window a few weeks back, but only got around to editing it now.
This was a just a tiny section of the original picture.

6. Similar to the Decim8 shot above, this was also edited with a new app I’ve been trying out. Gelo lets you add overlays that are similar to using colored gel in analogue photography. I liked the result, but you guys in instagramland seemed less impressed, so I’m probably going to try to use it more creatively next time.

7. I stumbled along this random pony when I was coming home from recording this week’s Destroy All Podcast on Alien. Click that if you want to hear me give nerds a typography lesson.

8. Lastly, here’s a shot from West Portal- an area I haven’t spent much time in until recently. The whole street is lined with lovely gnarled trees, made all the more lovely when the light is as nice as it was in this shot.

Here’s looking forward to next week!


I’ve been actively taking cell phone pictures and sharing them for a few years now, starting with the remnants series back in 2009, and of course on photo sharing sites like instagram and flickr.

I’ve found myself inspired by my friends and acquaintances who have tried to push themselves to create better and better things using their phones (DocPop and Kris Atomic come to mind) by using in camera apps to make their photos extra awesome.

Now that it’s been a while, I feel like I’ve managed to start taking some pretty awesome shots. More importantly, I’ve managed to take and post photos I’m proud of on a regular basis.

I’ve struggled with what to do with this content, and for a long time I’ve just shuttled all my photos off to tumblr/flickr/facebook & called it done. But I’ve grown dissatisfied with this, so I want to see if I can make this bunch of photos into a weekly roundup of sorts- in the hopes that it helps me to take more/better photos. Also, there’s the added bonus of having a record of every week- and more regular blog updates. Here’s hoping I can stick with it?

From the hip 1/13

1. The mirror in the bathroom at the El Rio. I had gone to watch my ladyfriend compete in the Go Deep lube wrestling series. She had one win and one loss, respectively. A ton of people were yelling at me to hurry up while I took this photo, which was nearly impossible to get in focus in the low light. These things take time.

2. I walk by this gate most every day, as it is very near to my house. I’ve almost taken this photo more times than I can count, but for some reason held off until now. I’m glad I did.

3. The rain and cold has been dreadful this winter! I say this, of course, completely betraying my New England roots. It is far colder back east, and my family has not let me forget it.
The drops stick to the panes and shimmer like glitter, and as I sit shivering in my drafty house, I almost think it’s worth it.

4. This was, in fact, a mighty fine sunset.

From the Hip 1/13 #2

5. My band played a show during Art Murmur at the Moco Gallery. The bathroom was down the block, behind a gate and up a flight of stairs. It required 3 keys to get into. Luckily when I got there I not only got to pee, but was also greeted by this delightful retro wallpaper. All the voices in my head agreed that the print looked like panties.

6. Oh man do ginko leaves make me happy! When they shed themselves basically all at once and the entire block is full of yellow awesomeness? Best ever. It is my own tiny San Francisco version of New England fall foliage.

7. I’ve always wanted a red Kit Kat Clock, so I clearly had to snap a picture of this one. I like how he looks extra janky and weird because the HDR setting on my phone made the right eyeball double expose a little.

8. This display in the Accident & Artifact window made me swoon. I hope it makes you swoon too!

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So after the crazy of Burning Man, Tim and I decided that the best thing we could do was go to Napa and do nothing for a couple days. So, we threw Sky in a zipcar and the three of us headed up north for a couple days of Napa, which mostly consisted of putting delicious things in our faces. For example, these epic macarons from Bouchon. The PB&J one was my favorite.

Other noms not pictured: 4 course tasting menu from La Toque- which included the best Riesling I have ever had.
I am the only person in my friend group who drinks white wine. Every time I do it I think of that Tim & Eric Sketch.

We got this fucking epic hotel room, which I wish I had been able to enjoy more. I, sadly, had a comic book deadline, so I spent much of our stay bent over my wacom.
It was HUGE though. Also there was a bathtub in the bedroom. I wish I had taken more pictures.

The next day we visited Francis Ford Coppola’s winery. He’s turned it into a weird museum, showcasing a pretty random array of things. Some of his awards are on display, along with his first edition copy of Ulysses, and a bunch of stuff from the family that owned the winery before him.

Most importantly though, he had a huge collection of zoetropes and magic lanterns. These were actually really cool, and I was somewhat disappointed that they’re at a winery, where one wouldn’t really know to go looking for them.

More than anything, this visit made me wonder what I would do if I had the kind of money and wherewithal to open a museum.
Coppola’s collection was really little more than a bunch of stuff that he thought was cool, and a bunch of his personal history.
I think about this and I imagine putting every piece of sentimental ephemera I’ve ever gotten on display.

Over here is the first “do you like me, check yes or no” note I ever received.
To the left of that you’ll find the entrance to the breakup wing.

Here is my collection of mostly Boston area zines and poetry chapbooks, circa 1998-2003.
You can read them if you promise to be careful.

This is an absolutely terrible idea, so you will never visit, but I hope one day I’ll write some comics that will make you feel like you did.

As promised, here are the holga pictures I shot at Burning Man.
I can’t say they turned out as well as I was hoping, but I have a much better idea of what to do with my pinhole on the next go around.

I got pretty much an entire roll that looked like the above shot. Next time I’ll know that when I think I’m close enough, I need to get about a million times closer.

Slightly related, but not exactly, today on facebook I noticed that I’d been tagged in a couple things, so I’ll put them here as well.

Here are some shots by the excellent and talented Icka Boo:

I made the mistake of thinking that buying an incredibly cheap ebay cello to bring to the playa was a good idea.

Sadly it turned out to be more of a cello shaped object than a cello, and it was nearly impossible to make any pleasing noises on it.

Next year though, I have plans.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of This Can’t End Well’s brand new music video!
It is coming out TOMORROW!

Just to get you properly excited, I have a couple preview stills and some behind the scenes photos for you!

The above images are stills from the video, by the directors Chad Michael Ward and Niko Sonnberger.
I have a whole lot to say about working with these lovely folks, but I’m going to save that for after you can actually see the video!!
Suffice to say they are awesome, and professional- awesomely professional!

Here are a couple shots from behind the scenes- so you have a teaser of what’s to come.
Our lovely Violist Kristen shot the ones of me, and I shot the rest!

Come back tomorrow to see these pictures MOVE!

I have about half a million other things to blog about, but over the weekend Lydia came over and shot some photos of me and Katie West.

I will have a lot more to say about shooting with Katie whenever she has time to unload the pictures we took, but in the meantime, Lydia posted a bunch of shots of me that I thought I’d share.

You can see the rest of the shots at the end of Lydia’s Blogger collaboration set.
Thanks Lydia!!