This weekend, Kristen and I spent an afternoon in lovely Port Costa, CA.
More on our whole adventure later this week, but for now, enjoy this impromptu photoshoot we did.

Pentax K-x love

I got a new camera.
Not just any camera, but the Pentax K-x, in RED.

Pentax K-x love

I’ll be doing a proper Cute Tech review of it once I get a chance to shoot with it for a little while.

Pentax K-x love

Mostly I just wanted to tell you how excited I am.

Photos for days, people. Photos for days.

The other day, I had the pleasure of shooting with the amazing Flip Cassidy!

He was only in the bay area for a couple short days, so we didn’t have much time to plan any on location shooting.

Instead, we just set up my studio lights and made do with what I had lying round the house.
I am SO PLEASED with what we came up with.

By Flip Cassidy
By Flip Cassidy
By Flip Cassidy

Flip is a great friend and an amazing photographer.

Many many thanks to him for a great time and a stunning set of pictures!

Shooting with Flip Cassidy
Hey, I like you.

Public art.
14h street – San Francisco, CA.

Artist unknown.

I like you.

I wish I had been able to take a better photograph of this.
I was having a terrible day when I stumbled upon it, you see, and it really moved me.
I took one of the little strips of paper & put it up on the corkboard over my desk.

“I like you.”
“Hey, I like you.”

Cello Chasing

I’ve been busy.

My cello has had a mind of it’s own lately & I’ve had to spend some time acquiring superpowers to keep up with it. However, these efforts have begun to bear fruit, and I am very willing to share it’s sticky goodness with all of you.

I am still working on my solo album, and I’m also playing in a band.
All of that deserves it’s own entry, very soon.
In the meantime, there is this:

Last month I played a show in Portland as part of Stumptown Comics Fest.
I shared the stage with Dame Darcy & Myrrh Larsen, respectively.

& so, here is some video from said show, of a newish song called Show & Tell.

Show & Tell from Star St.Germain on Vimeo.

Loose lips sink ships
but I’m navel deep
& I’ve had way more
than my fair 3 sheets

& oh god I’m gushing
& I think I’m blushing even in my sleep
these day I can’t rely
on counting sheep

despite the weather this week
i’m on a hell of a streak
& I’m feeling so bleak
despite the company I keep

if this is show & tell
& I know you so well
but not as such
(I know this much)

if I could see your face
in that moment of grace
my body stops to brace
& see you flush

except you aren’t here
just buzzing in my ear
& I’m all fantasies & fear
& I should hush

cause I’m spilling my guts
between the clicks & cuts
with all my ampersands & ifs
or is it whats?

this is show & tell
& I know you so well
but not as such
(I know this much)

I think It’s fair to say
that I’m losing ground
Is this all sinking in?
am I just making sound?

but try as I might
rehearsed I’m trying to recite
all poise & painfully polite
I’m fret & fuss

i’m good at holding my breath
& scaring myself to death
& giving compliments by accident
& pretending I’m quite content

if this is touch & go
should we just say hello
because it’s all for show
this much I know

loose lips sink ships
but I’m navel deep
& I’ve had way more
than my fair 3 sheets

Show & Tell


Music, Photo

Hey guys! I’ve been putting this off for MONTHS, but finally, here it is!

My Madonna Inn video:

Madonna Inn Fall ’08 from Star St.Germain on Vimeo.

Also, here’s a bunch of the shots I took.

Audrey, Flip, MaryBee
Audrey & MaryBee

Thanks to MaryBee, Audrey, Ramon, Larissa, Baby D, Peter, Evan, Grey, Reed, Flip & Marie!
We will go back soon!

Also, hello new readers from Drawn! I hope to see a lot more of you in the coming weeks. 🙂