Continuing with the Helvetica love, I saw this poster hanging up on a side street in the mission.
The simplicity of it’s design excites me.
Anybody know the artist? Leave a comment and I will credit them!


I’m especially interested by designers who can achieve a whole lot with just a little.
As a designer, I often find myself unable to articulate ideas simply.
I need to cover them in textures or surround them with ephemera to make my point.

For all my Helvetica obsession, I have yet to make a successful design using it.
Perhaps that would be a good challenge for me; to make a simple and excellent design using Helvetica.

Yet, for any good challenge, one needs a worthy opponent…

Any takers?

New Camera!
Photo by DocPop.

My new camera finally came yesterday.
It has features my old one was woefully lacking, like HD video recording capabilities, 10x zoom, and a functioning flash.

I suspect that this new development is going to lead to a lot of great changes for this blog…

Now if I could just find some extra time…
Could somebody slow down the earth’s rotation for me?

You vs your evil twin, who wins?

I took this image as reference for a comic I had in Other magazine about a year ago. I ended up posting the photo to consumating as a response to their question “You vs. your evil twin! Who wins?” with the comment “both of us, obviously.”

Wired is having a self portrait photo contest this week, and Consumating is going the way of the dodo, so I thought it appropriate to dust off this photo.

Currently my entry to the wired contest is on this page, but I’m unsure as to whether it will migrate if it goes up or down in popularity. Vote for me?

As for Consumating, this is it’s last week of life.
from their site:

Thank you for being a part of We have some sad news. We have made the decision to shut down on March 14th, 2008. Our audience wants and deserves a site that is vibrant and fresh, and we don’t think it.s fair to you to keep an unsupported site live.

We understand that your profile data is important to you and have created a way for you to extract it (does NOT include points, pictures or videos). You’ll have to verify your login.

Save this file because it could be imported into another site built similarly to Consumating. We encourage this activity and the open source code (“Clonesumating”) is located here. I’ll do my best to address any of your questions and concerns here in this conversation.

Again, thanks to all the hot nerdy girls and indie rock boys (with or without glasses) for making this a good place to find people that don’t suck.

I always liked Consu because it encouraged you to find people you didn’t already know who were into the same stuff…as opposed to all the other social networking sites that just had you populate your friendslists with folks you already knew IRL.

The internets weep for you, Consumating, they truly do.