a spanish galleon

The captain told me I was the prettiest girl
with a septum ring
he’d ever seen.

From behind us,
the girl with the multicolored hair said,

“Yeah, you’re the only girl I’ve ever seen that really pulls it off.”

I don’t know what to say,
so I blush instead.


& could we take a moment
for the swing in the living room
that creaked under my weight
as I tried to fling myself straight through the ceiling
& into the sky

i said okay, but we didn't.

drink rings.
two johnny depps & a budweiser sweater.

“We should kiss when the camera points at us.”

The history of the ampersand.
slowed down & sped up.

“party on.”




...there goes the herb garden

“I shall name her Carmelita”

he said,

as his girlfriend taunted the bird with drawings of kittens and atomic bombs.

Carmelita was unfazed.