My friend Eden is making a tarot deck!
But not just a beautifully rendered deck, but also- a deck that comes with music!
I don’t think I’ve even heard of such a thing before. She was lovely enough to ask me to contribute a track to her project, and so I’m making some new music just for her. Watch this video to see the cards and hear more about her deck:

She just put up a little artist spotlight thing, in which she said some really super nice things about my music. Maybe some of the nicest things anybody’s ever said about my music, even!
The tracks will come in a special edition of the deck called The Sonic Arcana. I’m in really good company with the other musicians on this project (Mark Growden, Myrrh Larsen, Artemis Robison, Jill Tracy, Unwoman, and Meredith Yayanos), so even if you don’t dig my tunes or tarot, there’s lots of other good people to listen to on here!

Lastly, here’s a little video preview of some of the noises I’m making to go with her cards.
No vocals for now, but you’ll get an idea. Also, I’m making dance music now? More on that later.

She’s only got 6 days left on her kickstarter, so check it out if you want one!



371. | @timriot making photoshop magic. | The visible man, in 3d. | In front of the weird installation in the window at Madrone.

1. Whenever I walk by this gate in my neighborhood, I always notice how this 7 looks like a scythe.
2. This photo was run through so many apps I can’t even remember them all. First, a hipstamatic double exposure, then lots of Gelo gels, through decim8 and back again, add bokeh, etc. The photo is actually of Tim working on some truly epic stuff for Adobe. I’ll update you on that when it comes out to the public (I’m so proud of him!).
3. This is a weird one. This gallery down the street has these weird windows with spiral grating on them, but they wedged one half of a Visible Man doll between the grate and the window, so when the lights are on the shadow is all weird. Then I just added some 3d effect.
4. There’s a giant light up installation in the window of Madrone- which actually makes a pretty great diffused light for photos.
I might go back with a more serious camera and a crazy outfit before they take it down.


No way back. | One way to sunset. | Aerialist Electric Blue’s shadow. | Lincoln’s face on all the ads.

5. People have been wheatpasting all over the burnt out Walgreens since they boarded it up, and they’ve been shoddily painting over them the whole time. I liked this tiger and also the guy behind him.
6. Sutro Tower forevs.
7. I went to the Soviet Space themed Hubba Hubba show to see my ladyfriend do her tribute to Laika the space dog. This aerialist was awesome, but I spent almost as much time watching her shadow as I did her. It just looked so awesome against those curtains!
8. I mistakenly took this Lincoln head for street art. Apparently this is the actual Ad. I guess I was just calibrated for Lincoln fandom after the vampire hunter and Daniel Day Louis bit.


Let’s take just a moment about Because it’s awesome, and you should use it. I’m Star StGermain on there, since the period in my last name is invalid punctuation or something. :/ Anyway- if nobody objects, I’m going to put my little vine videos in these posts too, cool? If you’re viewing on an rss feed, this might not work, so click on through to the original post.

The Parlour Trick- motion tests

Labels for fishes

Rainbow Pastries

Drawing the millipede from Charlie the Unicorn 4

That’s it for this week. I’m going to go get some awesome french toast now!

You guys, things have been rough in Starland.

& I suspect they’ll get worse before they get better.

I’m trying though- harder than I think I’ve ever tried at anything.

Here is a cell phone picture of a laptop screen, editing the Show and Tell video.

The raw footage is something I’m really, really excited about.

I’m hoping to screen it at the show we have at The Lost Church on December 1st, which you should come to.

I could really use the support right now.

Things are going to change soon. I’m not sure how yet, but I know that they will.

Here’s to hoping that it’s for the better.

MUSIC VIDEO: This Can’t End Well “I’ll Let You Watch” from Chad Michael Ward on Vimeo.

At long last! The anxiously awaited debut of our first music video “I’ll Let You Watch.”
A million thanks to Chad, Niko, and everybody who had a hand in making this possible!!!

Please let us know what you think, and if you like what you hear, friend us on facebook.

If you’re viewing in a reader that strips out flash embeds & you don’t see a video above this text- CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT!

Written, Produced, Directed, Shot and Edited by Chad Michael Ward and Niko Sonnberger
Assistant Editors: Diana Lopez and Mary Taylor
Gaffer: Carlos Oropeza
Production Designer: Sarah Taub
Grip/PA: Fefe Amazing
Makeup: Cris Alex

Lolita: CourtLyn Canñan
Man: T.C. Smith

This Can’t End Well is:
Star St.Germain – Vocals, Cello, Laptop, Guitar
Kristen Adam – Viola, Glockenspiel
Adam Willumsen – Violin

Location courtesy of Sarah Taub
Lighting package courtesy of Dean Nichols
Additional props courtesy of Allan Barnes

Camera: Canon 7D

Shot on location in Hollywood CA, January 2011.


Stay tuned for more behind the scenes stuff coming up next week!