Work In Progress

After Comicon, my friend Evan Hayden came to LA to shoot with a couple local models.
When both of his shoots fell through, he had the awesome idea to set up a shoot for us to collaborate on.
We convinced my lovely roomate Brenna to pose for us, and promptly started setting up lights.

The concept for the shoot involves the chance meeting of a prostitute and a midwestern housewife in a hotel.

This obviously required me to break out my black wig.

Sure am glad I took that stage makeup course in college!

Evan behind the camera.

French braid! Stat!

I’ll be posting the results of the shoot, followed by the subsequent illustrations that come out of it. You guys will see the in-progress work I do on my half, and if we’re lucky, perhaps Evan will post his as well.

The final result will be available for purchase as a limited edition triptych.

Evan and I have both agreed to not show each other what we’re doing on our halves of the project until we are both finished. I’m amped to be sharing the process with all of you, because this will be the first time I’ve shown every aspect of my work, including the photoshoot.

I hope you all are as excited as I am!

The last in progress image I posted was something that I drew in a very straightforward and logical manner.
I thought it might be interesting to show you something that came together in a more haphazard fashion.

A few months ago, I visited San Francisco and posed for photographer Jacob Appelbaum. He is the world’s authority on infrared photography, and also my friend. 🙂

My favorite from the set was this photo:

I thought it would be really fun to work from this photo (or any of jake’s photos for that matter) because the color scheme is so weird & interesting.


I dove into the outlines & kept going until I had enough of it done to move onto putting in any of the heavy blacks.


Then, I put in any large sections of black, and put in some of the outlines that I missed.


Next, I added some smoke & splatters, then started doing some of the fine detail work on the legs.


This is the point in which I got incredibly impatient & jumped into doing the coloring without finishing any of the inking.


& then some shading. I imagine it will take me a super long time to go back and ink everything I missed…and even longer to get a good handle on matching the colors on Jake’s incredible photo.
There were a bunch of other photos from this set that I’d like to incorporate into a larger composition, so the next time you guys see progress on it, it might be a panorama with other people & things in it.

It might be a while, since I’ve sort of stopped working on this one in favor of client work…but hopefully my schedule will clear up a little. Maybe posting the progress will get you interested…which will in turn get me interested.


This image is for the book I’m doing with my friend, the most excellent Nubby Twiglet.

I am drawing based off her photoreference, and She is doing layout for the book.


Step One: Outlines.

Most of this was pretty simple, but I had a hard time with the necklace. I wanted the lines to look really clean so it would come across as plastic more convincingly.


Step two – Rudimentary coloring.

Flat coloring, with a little ink spatter to make it look more organic. I do all my work digitally, so I often try to work in elements of the hand-drawn to give the image more life.


Step three – Shadows

This was many hours of building up shading. ugh. This was one of the first images I did using the pressure sensitivity on my tablet to control the opacity of my brush strokes. It’s really, really easy for this coloring method to look super-digital in a way I don’t like at all, so I usually take a really long time. I’m really happy with the shadows on the mouth.


Step four – Highlights.

Only minor changes on the skin tone, but the lipgloss is much improved.


Step 5 – Final Touches.

The original photoreference nubby gave me just had a black background, but I decided that it needed a little something so I drew some strands of hair in. I added a little more ink spatter, this time in grey, to break up the background.

& that’s it!