I got in last night from San Diego after a crazy weekend at Comic Con!
I did some video coverage for Destroy All Podcasts, which includes a whole ton of robots and general nerdery.

Destroy All Podcasts – Comic-Con San Diego 2010 from Star St.Germain on Vimeo.

I’ll have another post coming up with a ton of photos and general reflection on the trip, but hopefully this video will satiate you for now.

cowboy bebop vs naruto

Wikipedia defines rotoscoping as:

Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over live-action film movement, frame by frame, for use in animated films.

This technique is often used to avoid doing a motion test– which is, in my opinion, the most frustrating part of doing animation.
A motion test is the process of testing the way your figures look across many frames, to make sure you’ve created a convincing illusion of motion in your animation. Often times, your figures, will look great, but move strangely, thus adding hundreds of test drawings to the animator’s workload.

By drawing over a film, the animator can use the motion expressed there, and only worry about how the figure looks, rather than how it moves.

This is all fine and good– until people begin to get sneaky. What happens when the animator rotoscopes footage they don’t own?
Or worse, use other animation, not film, as a motion test.

Observe the images above, from Cowboy Bebop, and Naruto.
It is clear that Naruto has rotoscoped the frames from the above Coyboy Bebop fight scene.

Now that’s just an obvious case of outright theft going on there, but what if you’re stealing from yourself?

Take the example below, where Disney has borrowed from it’s own films- cutting corners by reusing the motion work done in one film, in another.

No wonder the jungle book and robin hood always seemed so similar!

What of the thousands of works based on motion pioneer, Eadward Muybridge?


How many animated horses have stolen their gallop from this little guy?

The real questions here are:

Who owns movement?
Can you trademark a gesture?

What do you think?

Yesterday, this piece got posted on Metafilter.
In case you don’t want to click through, here’s a screencap:
Metafilter Piece

The basic gist was this:

There’s a group of girls that blog about their life/art/fashion trends.
– Is this a movement?
– Are they friends?
– Is there a name for this?

My first thought was in fact, OH NO! WE’VE BEEN OUTED!

The truth is, we are actually a secret society of lady bloggers.
Our entrance requirements are strict, and we are as secretive about it as the Freemasons.

But there’s an easy and clear way into our little club: KNUCKLE TATS.

Myself, Nubby, Gilda & Marie

In all seriousness, the simple answer to the questions posed on metafilter is this:

We are friends!

The more complicated answer is a bit more interesting.
Looking at everyone’s comments really made me think about the qualities that we all have in common, and I do think there are unique things that we share.

Identity is a curious beast, and when you add the internet into the equation, things start to get strange.
The line between myself and my work is nearly invisible; I do this on purpose.
Similarly, The way I represent myself online is the way I represent myself in my real life.
I see this blog an an ongoing project in documenting the twists and turns of my life.
There are things that I share on here that are difficult to make public in a professional context, like the fact that I work for a porn company!
This however, is of little concern to me. I can’t hide who I am when I meet people, and I shouldn’t have to hide who I am online either. The fact is that I love myself, and the best thing I can do is be myself wherever I go!

It’s really hard to put yourself out there in such an open and public way sometimes, but all the ladies in our incestuous little group do it every single day.

When I first met Nubby, Gala, and Marie in person there was no question that we would be close immediately.
I knew this because I realized that I already knew them as well as I know some of my long time IRL friends.

Many of us were longtime livejournal bloggers (I started in 2000!) and originally met each other there.
These days, LJ seems to be a sinking ship of sorts, and we’ve all moved onto our own domains.
At this point, many of us have been reading each other and interacting for several years.

The Society Speaks

Marie says: “I love this accidental collective of ladybloggers. I think it’s a wonderful notion to have a bunch of creative women who inspire each other and other ladies. Positivity on the internet is a powerful thing. And I am all about GIRL POWER.”

Nubby & Gala say:

galadarling @nubbytwiglet Haha. Waking up to that Metafilter thing was weird. Like, obviously we’re all friends, are they not reading?!

nubbytwiglet @galadarling We’re all friends, but are we a movement?! So strange.

galadarling @nubbytwiglet I don’t think so. It’s just personality branding, which is old news, I guess it’s interesting because we’re creative girls.

I say:
We believe in what we do, and we are not afraid to be vulnerable.
We are authentic.
& yes, we are friends.

Since I just returned from the Black Rock desert, and Burning Man is coming up…
I thought I’d share a few of my style tips and tricks for rocking out in the desert.



I cannot stress enough that boots are your friend in the desert. Sandy feet are nice at the beach, but in Black Rock…the dust is alkali and enough exposure will give you a chemical burn (see also, playa foot).

I also suggest some simple shoes to throw on when you need to get from your tent to somewhere else in a hurry, as boots do take a bit of work to get on unless they’re of the handy zippered variety.


Another thing you may want is a hat to keep your face shaded from the brutal sun!
Something absurd is best, but remember that function should come first.
I got this rad vintage one from Clothes Contact.



While we’re talking about hats, let’s talk about hair.
The dust gets into everything, and it especially likes to stick in your hair.
If you have hair, like many humans, you will have dreadlocks after about 4 days.
If you have fine hair, like me, you will have dreadlocks after about 1 day.

To solve this problem, I recommend bringing a bottle of detangler and a wide toothed comb.
I have a ritual in the morning, where I spray my whole head and comb it out.
This serves several purposes…
1) It is extra hot in your tent at the start of the day, so spraying your head down is really refreshing.
2 ) There are no showers in the desert. Most detanglers are scented, and they will make your hair smell like civilization! I will say, however, that if you want to get in touch with your inner hippie, this is the place to do it.

Fishbrella saves me from the sun!


In the past, I have scoffed at the parasol. For shame!
That all changed when I met Fishbrella.

When I saw him all lonely in the thrift store, I knew just what to do with him!
Fishbrella saved me (along with my hat, and his pal, Mr. Sunscreen) from the white hot passion of the desert sun.

I would be full of burning if not for him. Thanks, Fishbrella!


During the day, one should wear something lightweight and breathable, such as this matching tank top and skirt combo from h&m.
Natural fibers are ideal. Anything that might make you sweaty is a bad idea, and should be saved for nighttime wear.

Fishbrella on the playa

& there you have it.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of what to bring to the playa, but rather, documentation of how I tackle some of it’s challenges.

If you are looking for a list of that nature, look at my friend MaryBee’s guide on the subject. (via Galadarling).

I recently saw this flyer on the counter at a restaurant I go to all the time:

Mystery Design

I was immediately drawn to the ornamental design, but was taken aback by the deliberate censoring of the very information the design was supposed to be communicating.

This led me to flip it over, hoping the info I needed would be on the other side:

Mystery Design

There was the info, but once again, there was something crossed out that I was unable to read.
This simultaneously intrigued and frustrated me.

At this point I realized that the show it was advertising had already happened, but I thought the flyer design was so odd, I took one home.
I eventually checked out the headlining band on myspace to find that I hate their music (sorry dudes!).

The whole experience made me ponder this concept of mystery design.
While I was frustrated that they made it difficult for me to know what I was looking at, the act of being forced to look further to find out made the design stick in my mind.
In fact, I was so intrigued that I kept the flyer, looked up the band, and made a blog post about it….even when the specific event it was advertising had long since passed.

So is this brilliant or not?
I went so much farther down the path than I would have if it were all laid out in front of me, but I kind of hated it.
What do you guys think?

p.s. If you designed this flyer, let me know and I’ll credit you. Also, please feel free to weigh in on the discussion.

p.p.s. Any of you have other examples of ads like this?

First there was Murakami for Vuitton,
Then there was James Jean for Prada,
And hell, you could even count Fafi for MAC…
but now, I think I can officially declare this designer-clothing-companies-hiring-illustrators-who-are-famous-in-their-own-right-thing a trend—-

because woah, man…we’ve got Paul Pope for DKNY:

Check out this video about some of Paul’s process on the project:

Paul has been a longtime hero of mine, and I feel like these designs really used his existing aesthetic in all the best ways possible.
I’m especially a fan of the butterfly-wing camo.
The designs are beautiful, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what other work they do together.

This, however, leaves me speculating where this trend goes from here.

Will we have Audrey Kawasaki for Vera Wang?
Kozyndan for Marc Jacobs?

Will the clothing lines add more crossover fans for these artist’s work?
Will a Prada or DKNY wearer end up buying a James Jean or Paul Pope comic?
Or will the whole thing implode in a few months? Will these illustrators suddenly become “SO last season”?

Only time will tell, but I sure am curious to see what happens.