Project Stubby

Stubby Circa 1976

Whirlwind weekend in Portlandia!

Bullet points in 5 words or less:

+ Staying at Nubby’s Haus!

+ Stumptown Comics Fest.

+ Cake, lederhosen, dear heads.

+ Gallery tour in mysterious van.

+ Cartoonist conspiracy bros = love.

+ eff you mother-effer for life.

+ cosmic monkeys & cape codders.

+ “Are you in costume?” “no.”

+ Tablemates Hellen & Matt rule.

+ Increased appreciation of bald dudes.

+ Mocumentary footage imagined numerous times.

+ NubTwig original purchaced.

+ Ninja presents for boys.

+ Moshburn and J.O’B Massart reunion.

+ Matching outfits & cameras.

+ Trip sponsored by Heart Sunglasses.

Hello friends! I am back from burning man, and I’m excited to show you all the new projects I’m working on.

I’ve just finished designing a site for my friend Nubby, and I think that all of you should check it out!

Nubby is a prolific designer and artist, and I think those of you who enjoy my blog will really enjoy her blog too!
It was a pleasure working with her, and I’m sure you all will see many future collaborations from us in the future.

This image is for the book I’m doing with my friend, the most excellent Nubby Twiglet.

I am drawing based off her photoreference, and She is doing layout for the book.


Step One: Outlines.

Most of this was pretty simple, but I had a hard time with the necklace. I wanted the lines to look really clean so it would come across as plastic more convincingly.


Step two – Rudimentary coloring.

Flat coloring, with a little ink spatter to make it look more organic. I do all my work digitally, so I often try to work in elements of the hand-drawn to give the image more life.


Step three – Shadows

This was many hours of building up shading. ugh. This was one of the first images I did using the pressure sensitivity on my tablet to control the opacity of my brush strokes. It’s really, really easy for this coloring method to look super-digital in a way I don’t like at all, so I usually take a really long time. I’m really happy with the shadows on the mouth.


Step four – Highlights.

Only minor changes on the skin tone, but the lipgloss is much improved.


Step 5 – Final Touches.

The original photoreference nubby gave me just had a black background, but I decided that it needed a little something so I drew some strands of hair in. I added a little more ink spatter, this time in grey, to break up the background.

& that’s it!