Last week, I participated in Doctor Popular’s 4 hour font battle.

Using we all made a typeface, in 4 hours.

Here’s what I did:

Comic Serif

Alas, I was not triumphant in this battle of fonts.
It made me make my own typeface though, which I’ve been meaning to do for years.
I’m interested in making something without time limits sometime, but it will have to wait for a bunch of my other projects to be finished first!

You can read the results here.
& download everyone’s fonts here.

& the winner is:


That’s right guys, it’s a tie.

Voting happened both on this blog post, and on Aimee’s flickr page.
And the tally was closed at 15 votes each.

So who designed what?

As if it wasn’t obvious, the left design was mine:

star st.germain

Detail shot here.

and on the right was Aimee’s lovely design:

aimee thorne

This was a whole lot of fun, and I’m planning on doing more design challenges like this in the future…this time with more participants.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and let me know if you’d be interested in submitting if I held another design contest of this sort.

the great helvetica challenge and go head to head in a helvetica-off.

the challenge: using only Helvetica Black 72 point, 14 point, and 6 point, and color, create visual interest only using the dummy type "lorem ipsum"

For the purposes of fairness, we will be voting blind.
We’ll let you know tomorrow who designed what!

vote in the comments for the one you like best! (LEFT, or RIGHT)
Voting ends tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12 pm PST.



We will tally now!