As you guys know, I am obsessed with anything and everything red.
As such, I needed a laptop case to be able to achieve optimal redness.

I bought a SeeThu case from Speck for my Macbook, and I liked it so much that I got one for my MacbookPro, as well.

My only complaint about this case is that, with it on, I can’t fit my Mac into my docking station at work.
This is a problem that I’d have with any case, really, so it’s not really a fair criticism.
Just know that if you use a docking station, you will have this problem–I just use the top half of the case on my work laptop.


Being basically thrilled with spek’s laptop cases, I went ahead and got one for my iphone, too.

However, I had a much different experience.
The rubber bumpers on the sides started coming looks within a month of purchase.
They sort of held on for a few weeks, only coming off halfway, resulting in the adhesive getting all over the sides of my phone & making everything sticky.
My hair would get caught in it, and I eventually just removed them entirely.
After that, the phone didn’t feel right in my hand anymore and I abandoned the case.


so, in conclusion–
for laptops: speck is awesome!
for your iphone: NO BUENO!


It’s been a minute since I’ve done a TumbleDryLow post, so here’s the jury dury edition coming at you straight from the courtroom wifi!
For the record, I didn’t wear this shirt to jury duty.

This most excellent “Sex, Drugs, Helvetica Bold” shirt is from Collapse.


You guys know by now that I’m a certified Helvetica FREAK, so when I saw this I immediately had to own it.

Even the packaging it came in was totally slick!


There are a couple things about the shirt that some folks might not like. First, the lowercase l in “bold” is tilted (which is a trademark of most collapse shirts, as well as their logo). I think it’s sort of neat, but it might offend some type purists out there. Also, they don’t make a girly fit version of their tees. All that said, I’m extremely happy with my purchase from them.

Next on my wishlist is their “Will Kern for Food” shirt!



A couple of you were asking where I got this fabulous dress, so here’s the lowdown!

It was a gift from the fabulous Mr. Tim, purchased at the wonderful Betty Page Store, in Las Vegas!


The staff there was incredible, fetching me different sizes, styles, and accessories.
I bought some other stuff there, but honestly I cannot stop wearing this particular dress.
You’re all going to see so many pictures of me wearing this dress that you’ll be sick of it.
That’s how much I love it.

If you’re in Vegas, go to this store.
There’s something for every body type, and the staff will make sure you leave with something fabulous.

[photo by Flip Cassidy]

My dearest wifey, Agent Lover, made me the cutest hat I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

She now has a limited stock for sale to the public, so you too can have one of her delicious hats for yourself!
She even named the red model after me– how sweet of her!

Head on over to the Agent Lover Bakery to get yours!

Poor Mojo’s Almanac(k)

I had the pleasure of going to the Alternative Press Expo a couple weeks ago, and I came back with a pile of really neat stuff.
Here are a couple gems that I particularly liked:

Poor Mojo's Almanac(k)

These folks were giving out really sweet screen printed & letterpress posters & zines FOR FREE.
Some of you may already know that I’m a sucker for letterpress, but to those that don’t-you now know the inky way to my heart.

Poor Mojo's Almanac(k)

They also were hand stamping custom cards for people at their booth, also for free.
Lastly, on their website, they do a weekly column where you can ask for advice from a squid!
How totally rad is that?

Check it out at


White Trash, Black Magic- Icecreamlandia

This book caught my eye all the way across the convention floor.
First, it’s huge & beautifully hand screened.
Second, the cover is purple, hot pink & gold.
Third, it had a huge sign underneath it that said WHITE TRASH, BLACK MAGIC.

White Trash, Black Magic- Icecreamlandia

Okay one of you sweet darlin’s grab a card.
If I guess wrong, I got some Bartles & James pomegranate raspberry beverages in that cooler over there– go and drink yourselves stupid.

White Trash, Black Magic- Icecreamlandia White Trash, Black Magic- Icecreamlandia

Icecreamlandia is Eve Englezos and Joshua Moutray, and their work is full of sweet illustrations and dark humor.
So far, I kind of love everything I’ve seen them do.

Also, how hilarious is this bio?

“Eve and Josh do not use photoshop filters for their work. in the interest of full disclosure, they have used them ironically while in art school, and occasionally eve has liquidized photos to make herself appear thinner.”

Check out the rest of their work at

Camilla Taylor

I got a sweet stuffed tentacle from this rad lady!

Stuffed tentacle, Camilla Taylor

I think this speaks for itself.

Get your own HERE!

& check out more of Camilla’s work at

While I was visiting Portland, my co-conspirator in all things vermillion, Miss Nubby Twiglet, thrifted a beautiful pair of Sigerson Morrison Rain or Shine flats.

The ever-attentive Ashe Mischief pointed out that Tricia from Bits & Bobbins thrifted a pair of the same shoes that very week.

Then, on a tip from Miss Mary Bee, what should I find in my neighborhood thrift store?

sigerson morrison flats

Why is this shoe showing up everywhere in thrifty places?
Are we just incredibly lucky?
I may never know, but I’m amped to rock my new kicks around the bay!

Have you found a pair in your local thrift store?

sigerson morrison flats