Recently, Tim got a tintype portrait from the kind folks at Photobooth as part of a team building day with his work.

I had been admiring it for a couple weeks, so one day he sweetly surprised me by buying me my own tintype session!

Here’s a little video that Cool Hunting made about Photobooth, and the tintype process:

The image displays upside down in the viewfinder, as is the case with many large format cameras.

I ended up having a choice between two shots, because the photographer wanted to test if a fresh batch of chemicals was ready yet or not.

Here’s how the second shot turned out:

On the whole, I’m happy with how it turned out, but I’m interested in going back for a another round!

[Tintype images by Michael Shindler/Photobooth, all others by Tim Riot]

Well hey, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a TumbleDryLow post, but here is something worthy of consumption!
My dear friend and bandmate, Miss Kristen Adam, has launched Rococonouveau Design.

She says:

For as long as I can remember I’ve felt a particular connection to things of the past: vintage and period fashions, early 20th century classic film, vintage erotica & pinup photography, art deco architecture, art nouveau textiles & jewelry, and the gilded splendour of the rococo era. The goal in all my work on this project is to merge the essence of these core inspirations with the modernity of the 21st century. Thereby preserving the beauty of these bygone styles in a way that is relevant to today’s aesthetics. Hence, the name rococonouveau!

She makes these super rad little collar accessories that are the perfect thing to dress up an outfit, or lack thereof!
I had the privilege of modeling a bunch of these collars, along with a whole bunch of my sassy ladyfriends.

You should go visit her shop and get one of these. They’re reversible and super well made.

Dear readers, go forth and consume!

I recently ordered 4 pairs of shoes from Melissa, and thought I’d give my Vinyl IIs a shot at work today.

Seriously, if anybody knows where I can find these in Red, let me know!! Blue or grey also accepted.

I was all ready to leave, when a package arrived from my dearest Wifey, Miss Marie!!

SWEET JESUS she got me the Zac Posen for Target leather Jacket!!

Dudes, I almost cried.

As you may or may not know, Target may as well not exist for the carless in San Francisco. It was so especially sweet of her to hook a sister up!

I love all the little details this thing has! Especially the safety pin hangtag.

Thank you!!

IMG_0826 1IMG_0823 1
IMG_0815 1

As you guys know, I’m a big fan of iPhone camera app, CameraBag — So it may come as a surprise to you that I should be reviewing another Camera App.

Let me tell you, Hipstamatic is rapidly becoming my new favorite.

This app uses a cute, lomo-like interface, which is demonstrated in this youtube video.

The user chooses a lens, film, and “flash” before taking the picture.
Each combination produces a different effect.

The app comes with a small selection of lenses, film, and flashes, and there are others available as in-app purchases.

IMG_0806 1

Check out the Hipstamatic photo pool on flickr for more examples.

What’s your current favorite app?


As you guys know, I am obsessed with anything and everything red.
As such, I needed a laptop case to be able to achieve optimal redness.

I bought a SeeThu case from Speck for my Macbook, and I liked it so much that I got one for my MacbookPro, as well.

My only complaint about this case is that, with it on, I can’t fit my Mac into my docking station at work.
This is a problem that I’d have with any case, really, so it’s not really a fair criticism.
Just know that if you use a docking station, you will have this problem–I just use the top half of the case on my work laptop.


Being basically thrilled with spek’s laptop cases, I went ahead and got one for my iphone, too.

However, I had a much different experience.
The rubber bumpers on the sides started coming looks within a month of purchase.
They sort of held on for a few weeks, only coming off halfway, resulting in the adhesive getting all over the sides of my phone & making everything sticky.
My hair would get caught in it, and I eventually just removed them entirely.
After that, the phone didn’t feel right in my hand anymore and I abandoned the case.


so, in conclusion–
for laptops: speck is awesome!
for your iphone: NO BUENO!


It’s been a minute since I’ve done a TumbleDryLow post, so here’s the jury dury edition coming at you straight from the courtroom wifi!
For the record, I didn’t wear this shirt to jury duty.

This most excellent “Sex, Drugs, Helvetica Bold” shirt is from Collapse.


You guys know by now that I’m a certified Helvetica FREAK, so when I saw this I immediately had to own it.

Even the packaging it came in was totally slick!


There are a couple things about the shirt that some folks might not like. First, the lowercase l in “bold” is tilted (which is a trademark of most collapse shirts, as well as their logo). I think it’s sort of neat, but it might offend some type purists out there. Also, they don’t make a girly fit version of their tees. All that said, I’m extremely happy with my purchase from them.

Next on my wishlist is their “Will Kern for Food” shirt!