Cute Tech

Most of my friends use the Last.FM music service.

It tracks your music listening habits, matches you with other listeners, and recommends new music for you to check out.
The coolest thing it’s done though, is release it’s API to other companies so they can develop tools around the musical data it’s gathered.

There’s a big resource of cool tools on this page, but my favorite by far is LastGraph.

My friend Rubin sent me a poster of his graph, which I’ve screengrabbed below:


I’m still in the queue to import my data so I can get my own!
It’s really nice to be able to see your info displayed in such an easy to read and well designed manner.
I’m also rather partial to the use of Greyscale Basic as their main typeface.
If only their graphing had a red theme…

Other cool last.FM tools:

Generate a Sociomap using the music compatibility between you and your friends.
Learn to play the ukelele with your favorite songs!

The Big Word Project

If the Big Word Project is just a clever way for two incredibly smart dudes to make a ton of money, then I wouldn’t be the first to say it’s working.
It reminds me of the genius behind the Millior Dollar Homepage, except that with so many words in the english language, these guys stand to make a whole lot more money.

From their site:

The Big Word Project has been set up by Paddy Donnelly and Lee Munroe, two Masters students from Northern Ireland, who are exploring what different words mean to different people. The project allows you to purchase a word from our list to represent your site. Your site will then represent this word in our list and when people click on it, they will be taken to your site. The project is aimed at changing definitions and creating a new tapestry of words, meaning altogether different things.

I immediately tried to buy the word “star”, but someone else beat me to it.

So what word did I actually buy?
One that’s far more common:


I was shocked that it was available.

I also grabbed a couple for some of my lady blogger friends:


Have any of you bought a word? As I type this I am restraining myself from buying more.

Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones

Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones Closeup
The ridiculous (but nevertheless important) question I ask myself whenever I am buying a new product is:

Does it come in red?

These Lowrider headphones from Skullcandy certainly do!
They are easily the most stylish headphones I’ve ever owned.
If red isn’t your thing, they also make a ton of other styles and colors that will be sure to make you swoon.

My favorite thing about these headphones, however, is the warranty.
Not only is it great coverage on a phenomenal product, it’s the most creative and charming piece of copy I’ve seen in a long time.

Skullcandy is proud to provide he best product warranty in the industry. If this product should fail in your lifetime, we will replace it at no charge. If the product is damaged by aggressive music listeners sliding a rail, sliding down the emergency ramp of your aircraft, slammed in your locker, slammed in your car door, run over by a car, running into a wall, getting run out of town, mountain biking, road biking, sky diving, beating up your boyfriend, blown up in an accidental experimentation with flammable substances, or damaged in any other every day experience, it means you are living your life the way we want our product used!
In these, or any other damaging events, we will replace the product for a 50% discount from retail.
— Love Skullcandy.

They also came with a ton of stickers, and even a stencil of the company logo.
I think I may just buy myself a pair of their earbuds, too.

Skullcandy SC-LOW Lowrider Headphone (Red) – $27.36 at Amazon


Because We Can is a design firm in West Oakland that makes really cool furniture! They had a little room to showcase their stuff at IDEO, and I got to play with their cool LED light coffee tables. You wave your hand over it and it triggers the lights where it detects movement.

See it in action:

They also make really neat stuff carved with a CNC routing machine.

They make incredible furniture, and they’re also super nice people.
Viva Because We Can!


+ The Because We Can blog!
+ Because We Can flickr stream.
+ Excellent interview video with Because We Can on Brainchild, my friend Matt’s internet show about people with ideas.

LaCie Brick

Meet the cutest hard drive ever!
The LaCie brick is a portable hard drive shaped like a lego.
When I saw these come out last year, I knew I had to have one, but at the time, they were too expensive for me to even consider it.
With the recently plummeting price of storage hitting an all time low, I decided to revisit my dreams of lego shaped portable media…and lo! It was cheap!

If you have multiple drives, they stack atop each other just like real legos.

Have any cute tech you want to share?