If you read my blog, it’s likely that you read a number of blogs run by my friends, the unofficially organized but still very real society of lady bloggers.

As such, you’ve probably already read countless articles about twitter and what a great tool it is for networking, supplementing your blog, and killing time at the office…

But I want to talk about twitter in a different way.
I want to talk about twitter as a means for artistic expression.


I, myself, have been striving to use twitter in an artistic way…but it’s so very hard to do so when you’re also trying to use it to facilitate your social life.

However, there are some people who have pulled this off much better than I, and you should know who they are:

Jenny Holzer
Who she is:

Jenny Holzer is a conceptual artist, best known for her use of profound text in prominent public spaces.

Why you should follow her:

Quite frankly, twitter is the perfect digital canvas for the work she’s been putting on billboards, posters, and bathroom stalls for the past several decades.
It’s unclear to me whether this is Holzer’s official twitter, or if someone is just republishing her work. This doesn’t matter much to me, because I just can’t get enough of what she has to say.

Sample Tweets:


Guy DeBord

Who he is:
Filmaker, Marxist, and leader of the Situationist International, best known for writing Society of the Spectacle and Comments on the Society of the Spectacle.

Why you should follow him:

Whoever is tweeting Mr. DeBord’s words from the grave (DeBord died in 1994), picks selections that relate to each other in succession. The things said are made more profound by what has been said before.
Unfortunately, this account has been inactive for several months…Perhaps new followers will make the DeBord ghostwriter pick it up again.

Sample Tweets:

“The spectacle within society corresponds to a concrete manufacture of alienation.”
“This is why the spectator feels at home nowhere, because the spectacle is everywhere.”
“What binds the spectators together is no more than an irreversible relation at the very center which maintains their isolation. ”


Who he is:

Chip Zdarsky is a cartoonist from toronto who’s gritty take on life is nothing short of hilarious.

Why you should follow him:

If you’re like me, and enjoy dark humor, you will laugh until you spit your morning coffee out all over your keyboard.

Sample tweets:
“I’m going to tear you a new one, right next to the old one.”
“I find that a real conversation starter on a first date is a shovel. Bring one along and see!”
“I need to believe in something bigger than myself, like, say, a seven-foot version of me.”


What it is:
Oblique Strategies is a set of published cards created by musician Brian Eno, and artist Peter Schmidt. The cards are printed with odd and interesting methods to solve a conflict or dillemma.

Why you should follow:

Eno and Schmidt solve problems in ways I only think of in dreams.

Sample tweets:
“Take away as much mystery as possible. What is left?”
“Instead of changing the thing, change the world around it.”
“Question the heroic approach.”

Please let me know if you’re aware of other people using twitter in anything but the usual way!
Also, y’all can add me here: thisisstar on twitter.

I know you guys are probably sick of hearing me geek out about typefaces, but I have some cool stuff to show you!

First, this video amused me very much:

(via Laughingsquid)

Second, I love the guys at Turn Nocturnal.

Check out this shirt:

Sans Serif
Outfit 7/22
Outfit 7/22

& Comic Book Tattoo is totally out tomorrow!! (for real this time!)

There aren't a lot of career opportunities for vampires

After an epic weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair, I’ve returned with this t-shirt gem from SEIBEI.

Oh man, do I like this shirt.

Red white and black? Check.
Print runs all the way to the bottom of the shirt? Check.
Witty and clever? Check.
Bold sans serif font in all caps? DOUBLE CHECK.

There aren't a lot of career opportunities for vampires

I should mention that all the people I met from SEIBEI were really sweet and awesome…not to mention that my friend Hellen Jo designed some stuff for them.

It’s always great to buy stuff from nice people!

There aren't a lot of career opportunities for vampires

Vampire Career Fair – $20.00 from SEIBEI

moo fails

I decided to check out the new regular sized business card service is offering, and I was sadly disappointed.

At the moment, trying to make a set with more than 5 different cards causes the system to choke.
All you get is a screen with your cards forever trying to load (see above).
This is odd, considering that you should be able to make a set with up to 50 different images.

I have full confidence that they’ll eventually get this ironed out….but in the meantime?
…I cannot haz business cards. 🙁

You know those rad type scarfs that were all over the blogosphere about 2 weeks ago?

I totally bought one:


It’s really cool! It’s stiffer than I expected it to be, but I’m hoping that it will soften a bit as I wear it.

It also came with this note on the box:


Despite this, I am really happy with my purchase. The scarf is stunning…here’s hoping it holds up over time.

so normal, so average

The simple snap clip.

Most long haired people I know have a couple of these lying around.
They are extremely handy for securing a cowlick, or subduing an errant flyaway.

What could possibly improve on the design of such a simple thing?

giant snap clips

Making it giant, clearly.


My hair ‘aint going anywhere today. Thanks, H&M!