Well hey, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a TumbleDryLow post, but here is something worthy of consumption!
My dear friend and bandmate, Miss Kristen Adam, has launched Rococonouveau Design.

She says:

For as long as I can remember I’ve felt a particular connection to things of the past: vintage and period fashions, early 20th century classic film, vintage erotica & pinup photography, art deco architecture, art nouveau textiles & jewelry, and the gilded splendour of the rococo era. The goal in all my work on this project is to merge the essence of these core inspirations with the modernity of the 21st century. Thereby preserving the beauty of these bygone styles in a way that is relevant to today’s aesthetics. Hence, the name rococonouveau!

She makes these super rad little collar accessories that are the perfect thing to dress up an outfit, or lack thereof!
I had the privilege of modeling a bunch of these collars, along with a whole bunch of my sassy ladyfriends.

You should go visit her shop and get one of these. They’re reversible and super well made.

Dear readers, go forth and consume!


It’s been a minute since I’ve done a TumbleDryLow post, so here’s the jury dury edition coming at you straight from the courtroom wifi!
For the record, I didn’t wear this shirt to jury duty.

This most excellent “Sex, Drugs, Helvetica Bold” shirt is from Collapse.


You guys know by now that I’m a certified Helvetica FREAK, so when I saw this I immediately had to own it.

Even the packaging it came in was totally slick!


There are a couple things about the shirt that some folks might not like. First, the lowercase l in “bold” is tilted (which is a trademark of most collapse shirts, as well as their logo). I think it’s sort of neat, but it might offend some type purists out there. Also, they don’t make a girly fit version of their tees. All that said, I’m extremely happy with my purchase from them.

Next on my wishlist is their “Will Kern for Food” shirt!



A couple of you were asking where I got this fabulous dress, so here’s the lowdown!

It was a gift from the fabulous Mr. Tim, purchased at the wonderful Betty Page Store, in Las Vegas!


The staff there was incredible, fetching me different sizes, styles, and accessories.
I bought some other stuff there, but honestly I cannot stop wearing this particular dress.
You’re all going to see so many pictures of me wearing this dress that you’ll be sick of it.
That’s how much I love it.

If you’re in Vegas, go to this store.
There’s something for every body type, and the staff will make sure you leave with something fabulous.

2008 Holiday Wishlist

1. Deco New York Mini Journal – Fredflare
2. Lovebirds Tea Towel – Ferm Living
3. Large Slab Pillow – LetterSetter
4. Cutthroat tie – Cyberoptics tie company
5. Ratio M tee – Brooklyn industries
6. Asymmetric cadet jacket – Phillip Lim
7. Polaroid tee – Fredflare
8. Phonophone – Tristan Zimmermann
9. Key Ring – Kiel Mead
10. Type Trumps – Magma Books
11. Soda ring – D-LICIOUS
12. Red Fingerless Gloves – Fredflare
13. PANTONE® Flight Stool – PANTONE® Universe
14. Ice Cream Lamp – Fredflare

What’s on YOUR list?

I know you guys are probably sick of hearing me geek out about typefaces, but I have some cool stuff to show you!

First, this video amused me very much:

(via Laughingsquid)

Second, I love the guys at Turn Nocturnal.

Check out this shirt:

Sans Serif
Outfit 7/22
Outfit 7/22

& Comic Book Tattoo is totally out tomorrow!! (for real this time!)