There aren't a lot of career opportunities for vampires

After an epic weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair, I’ve returned with this t-shirt gem from SEIBEI.

Oh man, do I like this shirt.

Red white and black? Check.
Print runs all the way to the bottom of the shirt? Check.
Witty and clever? Check.
Bold sans serif font in all caps? DOUBLE CHECK.

There aren't a lot of career opportunities for vampires

I should mention that all the people I met from SEIBEI were really sweet and awesome…not to mention that my friend Hellen Jo designed some stuff for them.

It’s always great to buy stuff from nice people!

There aren't a lot of career opportunities for vampires

Vampire Career Fair – $20.00 from SEIBEI

You know those rad type scarfs that were all over the blogosphere about 2 weeks ago?

I totally bought one:


It’s really cool! It’s stiffer than I expected it to be, but I’m hoping that it will soften a bit as I wear it.

It also came with this note on the box:


Despite this, I am really happy with my purchase. The scarf is stunning…here’s hoping it holds up over time.

so normal, so average

The simple snap clip.

Most long haired people I know have a couple of these lying around.
They are extremely handy for securing a cowlick, or subduing an errant flyaway.

What could possibly improve on the design of such a simple thing?

giant snap clips

Making it giant, clearly.


My hair ‘aint going anywhere today. Thanks, H&M!

When I went to the Maker Faire last month, I picked up a bunch of awesome loot from the Bazaar Bizzare.
I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while, but it slipped my mind until today.

First, I’ve wanted to get a typewriter key ring with an asterisk on it for a while. I’ve seen a ton of people making these on e-bay or etsy, but I wasn’t into the settings that most of them use to hold the key in place. Also, the asterisk is a much harder thing to come by than the typical letter key rings.

asterisk ring and heart glasses

After having basically given up on my quest for he perfect asterisk ring, I stumbled upon one at the Bazzar!

This little guy is from The Weekend Store.

(cameo by my lolita glasses and my 5 week old manicure. yikes!)

Miss Alison vinyl pouch

Another thing I had been looking for at the time was a new wallet.
I had been previously using the AA Shiny Coin Purse which quickly turned into the not-so-shiny-and-leaving-bits-of-formerly-shiny-crap-all-over-my-purse coin purse. yuck.

I remedied this by buying a new coin purse from Miss Alison.

She personally guaranteed it’s shininess, and so far it’s held up!

Have a great weekend everyone, and be sure to come back Monday to vote on the Helvetica Challenge!

Some of you were asking me where I got my Controller Hoodie from a couple posts ago, so I figured it was time to do another TumbleDryLow column.

Controller hoodie by tofuDolores Park

The hoodie in question was designed by Tofu for Upper Playground, a cool clothing and housewares store that happens to be in my neighborhood.


They have a really wide selection of styles, work with a bunch of designers, and paint beautiful murals on and around their building, like the one above by Sam Flores.

I currently own 3 t-shirts and a hoodie from them, and I suspect that I will continue to buy more.
Especially since they recently started working with (brace yourself, Typophiles) my favorite grunge font designer, Eduardo Recife, aka Misprinted Type.

Check out this neat video of one of his designs in motion:

My favorite shirt from UP is of the BART map…


I suspect this is mostly because of the huge amount of Helvetica in play.

Upper Playground Blog

p.s. If you design cool shirts, or know someone who does…let me know!
I am always looking for designers to feature on TumbleDryLow, so keep your eyes peeled!

A couple years ago, I went to Coney Island for the first time. At some point, I stumbled into a hot pink store on the boardwalk that was full of cool clothes!

I was enticed by a charming mannequin with no hands, and took the following lomo photo of him:

look ma no hands

I bought a shirt on the spot and eventually came back for another.

Lola Staar - Elephant Hotel

This shirt commemorates the Elephant Hotel in Coney Island. I know it burned down in the late 1800s, but I can’t find much more info. Either way, it’s a rad shirt!

Lola Staar - Thunderbolt

This shirt depicts the thunderbolt roller coaster, which is also no longer. (Wikipedia entry on the Thunderbolt.)

You can order your own off the Lola Staar website here:


If you’d like to keep up with upcoming news from them, you should check out their myspace blog.

Apparently, she’s opening a roller rink. Go Lola!