As you know, I am rather passionate about my halloween attire, and this year I pulled out all the stops.
After being Frida Kahlo last year, and a silent film star the year before, I decided it was time to do something that was a whole different side of retro.

You may recall Halloween 2009, when I was Velma from Scooby Doo, wherein I expressed my love for impersonating cartoon characters.
This year, I wanted to return to bringing the animated to life- in a way that was close to my 80’s childhood heart.

I knew that to be Jem, I couldn’t do it halfway. To make sure I pulled it off, I enlisted the skills of the fabulous Miss Tess Aquarium to make the costume.

After several trips to the fabric store, ordering a half calf of silver leather, and laser cutting custom Jem earrings, Tess and I had created what I believe to be the most awesome Jem outfit ever to exist. The belt even has a pocket to keep my keys and id!

After all the sewing, the next thing I wanted to make sure I got right was the hair. I called my trusted stylist Jinelle at Glamarama to get the job done!

We looked at these awesome Jem illustrations and decided that all over pink and white with just a touch of yellow was the way to go!

Super special thanks to Tess and Jinelle for making my cartoon dreams come true!
Also thanks to Tim Riot for taking all the photos in this post.

What were you guys for halloween?
Show me your costumes in the comments!