Hi friends! This week I’ve been staying in Kim’s apartment trying to work on my album. I, of course, got super sick as soon as I got here. I haven’t been able to track vocals, but I have written a bunch of new songs! I’m playing them at this show in Brooklyn on Thursday, and you should all come out for it.

Inheriting NYC’s Chiptune Mantle
The Fennec Presents
The Bar Bar Bar Mitzvah
Party premiere Thursday, February 26
609 Fourth Ave., BK

Featuring the return of the prodigal son
From This Can’t End Well and We Used To Talk
And celebrating the release of his new album “pop*”
Visuals by

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So yes. This is my first east coast show in a few years. FREE!
See you there?


This project is part of a greater initiative by Dandelion Chocolate called Chocolate+. The project focuses on the experience of pairing chocolate with other things, such as bourbon, coffee, and wine. I came up with the branding and concept for this initiative. Dandelion has teamed up with several local businesses to host tasting events.

For this particular Chocolate+ event, Lisa Gallinger, chocolate maker at Dandelion Chocolate and Michael Lazar, bar manager at Hog & Rocks, teamed up to lead a tasting of single origin chocolates and barrel strength bourbons. The tasting event, part of an ongoing series, allowed participants to learn about the production of both chocolate and bourbon, understand how to best taste and evaluate each product and then experience the alchemy of tasting both together.

My task for the event was to design tasting notes and mats for the chocolate and bourbon. My challenge was to create a cohesive design that combined the Dandelion and Hog & Rocks brands. For the final design, I chose to go with chocolatey earth tones and created a subtle patterned texture using the plus sign, to underscore the Chocolate+ brand. I also photographed the event. Pictures below!


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Hey guys!
Come visit me at Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland this weekend!

I was the Art Director for the fest this year, so I was responsible for designing all the collateral this year!
I’ll be doing a *huge* post later to talk about all the stuff I made for the fest, but I’ll keep it mostly under wraps right now so you can see it in person if you’re heading there.

The sweet poster above was illustrated by Bill Mudron and Mike Russell, and designed by me.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 10.45.42 AM

I’ll be at table I03 so please come say hi, okay?

Apologies, internet, for being a bit out of touch.
I’ve had a lot of things going on!
One of those things is this gallery show that I’ve been working on for Sequential Art Gallery in Portland.

I’ve been here in Portland all week installing the show, with the help of the gallery owners, Kaebel and Merrick!
Also helping is the adorable gallery cat, Manju.

For this show, I decided to do something totally different and eschew digital prints entirely.
Instead, I opted to do a bunch of installation, as well as a ton of mixed media pieces.
Some of these are fairly traditional pastel and acrylic on wood, but others are laser cut wood and plastic.

Today, Merrick and I hung over 100 feet of ribbon around the gallery.

Here’s the press release from the gallery’s blog:

In an art show that can’t be contained by mere picture frames, San Fransisco-based multimedia maven Star St. Germain presents: “Date Lines”. Please join us for the opening reception on May 3, 2012, 6-10pm! RSVP on Facebook, if you like. 🙂

Date Lines is 13 mixed media pieces (plus site-specific installation elements) exploring Star St.Germain’s failed adventures in the San Francisco dating scene. Star’s various suitors are represented as silhouettes, faceless testaments to all manner of sexy mistakes. The show is about finding hope amongst the most dismal of interactions–with hilarious results.


Please come out?
Here is The facebook event.

The opening is tomorrow:

May 3, 2012, 6-10pm
Sequential Art Gallery + Studio
328 NW Broadway #113
Portland, OR 97209

The show will be up for a month, so if you don’t make the opening, by all means come by during gallery hours:

Thursdays 3pm-7pm
Saturdays 11am-5pm
or by appointment

Hope to see you there!

I am beyond excited to tell you that This Can’t End Well is playing this year’s Noisepop festival!
Thanks to James from Isotope Comics, we were paired up with Ted Naifeh to put on a full scale radio play production of his comic, Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things.
I am playing the role of Courtney, so I have some big shoes to fill!

This thing is going to seriously rule- we’ll be doing a few songs, the very first Courtney story with voice actors/live foley, hilarious fictional commercials, and visuals by our lovely projectionist, Mediapathic.

Also? It’s FREE.

Seriously, be there.

Sunday February 27th
1pm sharp
Public Works
161 Erie at Mission