While I was in LA, I had the pleasure of visiting Pygmy Hippo Shoppe!

My agency made their website a couple months ago, and I had been dying to see the place in person!
My wifey Marie hooked me up with the Pygmy Hippo folks, and I’m super glad to have gotten the chance to work with them!

When developing the site, Pygmy gave us a few of pieces to build the design off of- a background graphic of the wallpaper they have in the physical store, and a large graphic of the store’s name and logo.

My partner, Tim, thought the whimsicality of the graphics called for anything other than your standard square header, so he created an ornate alternative.

I thought that the navigation bar needed a handmade touch, so I added a ribbon banner.
I’ve seen quite a bit of ribbons in web design trends as of late, but I’ve mostly seen them done with solid color. I decided a realistic looking ribbon was a fun way to put my spin on that.

From there, we used custom typography to round out the look.

When I got to the store, I was elated to see just how freaking adorable it was in real life.
Emi, the woman behind the hippo, is amazing and inspiring.
All of you folks in LA, go visit!
If you’re not local, get a small taste in their online shop.

I recently ordered 4 pairs of shoes from Melissa, and thought I’d give my Vinyl IIs a shot at work today.

Seriously, if anybody knows where I can find these in Red, let me know!! Blue or grey also accepted.

I was all ready to leave, when a package arrived from my dearest Wifey, Miss Marie!!

SWEET JESUS she got me the Zac Posen for Target leather Jacket!!

Dudes, I almost cried.

As you may or may not know, Target may as well not exist for the carless in San Francisco. It was so especially sweet of her to hook a sister up!

I love all the little details this thing has! Especially the safety pin hangtag.

Thank you!!

I had the excellent privileged of redesigning my WIFEY’S website recently, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I was given 6 different header graphics to work with, created by Mr. Nathaniel Jankins.
Originally Marie was looking for just a rotating header, but I thought to myself: How could I make this COOLER?

After seeing all the images and realizing that they were so varied in color, it was clear to me that I had to create 6 different color themes to match:

I decided that it would make the most sense to keep the theme consistent for the user’s browsing experience, rather than changing on reload.
I set a session cookie for each theme, so the user only sees one theme per session.

So go check out and let me know-Which one did you get???

My dear friend John Worsley drew this portrait of me, entitled “I don’t have the heart for this”, out of the blue yesterday.

I haven’t done a self portrait in a long time, or updated this blog with any regularity, or done about a million things that I ought to be doing.
Here’s what I’ve been doing instead:

+ Designing/developing a website for a favorite photographer of mine.

+ Spending time in the studio for my album, which will hopefully see a fall or winter release, god willing.

+ Mixing the album I made in april for the RPM challenge (yes kids, a full length bedroom recording to tide you over until the aforementioned studio album is ready later this year).

+ Anxiously awaiting the release of a dear friend’s album (you’ll know soon enough who it is!) , which I did cover art for, a collaboration with the aforementioned Mr. Worsley.

+ Working on a remix of a song on said friend’s upcoming album.

+ Lettering a comic for a major release. (for someone really awesome!!)

+ Moving into my boyfriend’s house, officially. Also, painting, installing lighting, all the stuff that needs to get done before I move stuff in.

+ Keeping Fuck Yeah Cello updated.

+ Practicing with my band once a week, and livestreaming the practice, & playing out once a week at The Hotel Utah.

+ & Oh yeah, having a full time job.

Needless to say, I’ll be posting some really rad stuff on here when I get a second to breathe, but it’s unlikely that will be for a couple weeks.
But soon, you will all see the fruits of my labor.


Timescale Proposal Rendering

My friend Morley decided to do a massive project for Burning Man 2009, called Timescale.
Her team recently put together a grant proposal packet for the folks at Burning Man Headquarters, and asked me to draw the artist’s rendering you see above.

Here’s some more info on the project:

Timescale is a journey
through 4.57 billion years of planet Earth’s geological and
biological evolution, extended across one mile (5280 feet)
of open playa. Beginning with the formation of the Earth
from a cloud of gas and dust, participants will traverse
through time — advancing two million years with each
footstep, culminating at the present day. Each chapter
in Earth’s growth is highlighted along the way, allowing
participants to appreciate the transformation of our
planet and the exponential complexity of living things.

As participants travel through the one mile corridor of the Timescale
project, each new significant chapter in the Earth’s history will be marked by an 8-inch square concrete column rising from the playa surface. The 6.5-foot tall column holds a clear box which contains a sculptural representation pertaining to that period of time, and a plaque on the side of the column further details the story of what occurred during that chapter.

The final proposal was delivered inside a hollowed out concrete block, which housed a guidebook, and a scale model of the project. The model was in the form of a piece of rope, which was tagged with the location of each concrete column. It was topped with a piece of acrylic which contained the proposal and my rendering.

Check out these photos of the whole thing by Nicole

I’m really excited to have helped with this proposal, and I’m even more excited to contribute some art to the installation this summer!