Kate MacDowell knows that the inside of my heart looks like.

Amazing American Psycho Music Video – Watch more Funny Videos

Talking Heads and American Psycho– what’s not to love? This might be mildly NSFW.

Student Brings Typewriter To Class – Watch more Funny Videos

You sir, are my hero.

Zoe Keating muses on whether you should quit your job to be a professional musician.

This is just, well… it needs no explanation.

Tilt-shift photography has been getting so popular, I suppose it was only a matter of time before a major commercial used it in motion form.

Using type to generate sound? Sign me up!


FontStruct lets you quickly and easily create fonts constructed out of geometrical shapes, which are arranged in a grid pattern, like tiles or bricks.

Shown above, Bodotty, by Owen Strain.

I’m a big fan of stopmotion animation, and it seems like every other week, someone releases a new video that manages to blow my mind in a brand new way.
This video is no exception.
Head asplode.

Succi by Monica Cook

I am absolutely blown away by the work of Monica Cook.

My friends in Corpus Callosum made a video at the wave organ! Lovely!

Corpus Callosum – Lullaby #2 from Dax Tran-Caffee on Vimeo.

Engadget says:

An Austrian composer has hacked a mechanical piano to recite text — and recite text it does (even if you need subtitles and some prompting from the voice-over to understand what it’s saying)

+ Creating textiles from the thread of Golden Orb Spiders, at The New York Times

+ Nasa finds water on the moon!

+ Pink Tentacle discusses the anatomy of Japanese folk monsters.

+ Musings on geographical locations and record sales, at Seej500

+ The delightful story of the Kashiwa Mystery Cafe.

+ Smoking never looked so swiss, on File Blog

Bars & Tones from André F. Chocron on Vimeo.
+ This video is really rad!

+ Vandelay Design posted 10 resources for when you need help with css. Totally useful!
+ Abobe’s Kuler, improved!
+ How not to design a logo
+ Pantone’s color of the year is Mimosa.
+ css tips that-every beginning developer should know about
+ A gallery of sweet loading animations
+ Find out who has favorited your posts on twitter.
+ Heavy Metal Bandname Flowchart
+ A Review of the worst comic book ever created. I LOLed!