+ Never thought I’d say this about anyone, but this guy definitely likes helvetica more than I do.

+ Bittbox posted a great list of Flickr groups for typographical inspiration.

+ The longest list of online css tools I’ve ever seen, from backtoessentials.

+ Tips on how to use call to action buttons on your site.

+ James Jean just uploaded a veritable plethora of scans from his sketchbooks on his site (some of it is NSFW)

+ Some of the stop motion animations in this Smashing Magazine post make me swoon

+ Zappos is selling a 50,000 limited edition t-shirt that gives it’s owner the ability to disable their significant other’s zappo’s account for life.

+ This band, Francis and the Lights, decided to incorporate instead of signing to a record label for funding. Now they’re tracking their spending publicly on twitter.

It’s that time again, where I share with you the rad things that passed my screen this week.




This is a page from Ocre ELLIPSE by Jonas Madden-Connor.
This minicomic blew my mind. Look at the glory of those word bubbles!!
I wish I were the guy that thought of that.

You can buy it here for just 4 american dollars.

Huge URL.com


Like tinyurl, but opposite.

Fuck Yeah Sharks


Lolcats are so over. it’s all about FuckYeahSharks now.



Ikea Hacker

Ever wanted to make an awesome table out of some cheap shelves?
IkeaHacker is for you.