I really like this project. The idea of using machinery to create text or symbols with fabric is pretty fascinating, and I’d like to see how this could be taken a step farther.

We’ve all seen this type of video before, but to do it for a Herculean ten years, and on Polaroid? Awesome.

Wish List to Santa

En route to brunch the other day, I happened upon this public wish list for Santa on someone’s garage door.
I’d seen wish lists of this sort before, but typically they are present in very family-centric places like shopping malls, and they’re covered in scribblings from various children.

This list, however, was right in the middle of San Francisco’s most fabulous neighborhood, the Castro. This allowed for a considerably more varied list, including some decidedly more adult wishes.


Wishes on this list ranged from the banal to the truly inspiring.


I sat with pen in hand for quite some time when I realized there wasn’t anything in particular that I was truly in need of.
This is what I wrote:

My anti-wish

When we got to brunch at Samovar, my feelings of satisfaction were cemented with the sheer glory of a Moroccan tea service with friends.

Moroccan Tea Service

We exchanged gifts, and enjoyed much tea and merriment.


Somewhere in the middle of everything, for the first time in my life, I actually cried because I was so happy.
I made Tim photograph the moment for posterity.

Happy Tears

I am so grateful for my dear friends, for the wonderful city I reside in, for all the love I have the privilege of giving and receiving each day.

Thanks everybody, for making my life awesome.


Kate MacDowell knows that the inside of my heart looks like.

Amazing American Psycho Music Video – Watch more Funny Videos

Talking Heads and American Psycho– what’s not to love? This might be mildly NSFW.

Student Brings Typewriter To Class – Watch more Funny Videos

You sir, are my hero.

Zoe Keating muses on whether you should quit your job to be a professional musician.

This is just, well… it needs no explanation.

Tilt-shift photography has been getting so popular, I suppose it was only a matter of time before a major commercial used it in motion form.

Using type to generate sound? Sign me up!