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TILT / Flickr Favs 3.6

1. Memoria vincit vanitatem, 2. VollMilchMondGesicht, 3. dirty little thing, 4. Twilight, 5. You don’t have to look far…, 6. Septum Ring, 7. fafi, 8. fafi, 9. star plus lego, 10. Two Page spread, 11. EQUGAM6, 12. ABIFSB1B, 13. I had to do it, 14. house magazine, 15. High Heels, 16. chelsea

This week, I discovered Suzanne G.
Her flickr stream is delightful, and so is her blog, Giving Taste A Bad Name Since Kindergarten.

I’m also pretty smitten with Steven P. Lynch’s microscope photos.

Other things I love right now:

The new Hot Chip album
My septum ring
Chocolate chip pancakes
Pink coat from Anthropologie for $4 at a yard sale
My cintiq tablet

Flickr Favorites 2/14

1. by Helmut Newton, 2. by Ellen von Unwerth, 3. designgraphik (sketch)., 4. Painting the American insignia on airplane wings is a job that Mrs. Irma Lee McElroy, a former office worker, does with precision and patriotic zeal. Mrs. McElroy is a civil service employee at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas. Her husband is a f, 5. poste2, 6. 3 formiche, 7. Mama Told Me Not To Fall In Love, 8. Head, 9. Part of the cowling for one of the motors for a B-25 bomber is assembled in the engine department of North American [Aviation, Inc.]’s Inglewood, Calif., plant (LOC), 10. fig. a:, 11. The haunted pianoforte, 12. apple for the day, 13. the third day…, 14. uk lomo 03-09, 15. 33/365, 16. POKEYFEST 2009

This week, I’m totally into the fact that the Library of Congress has a Flickr!

It’s there as part of Flickr project, The Commons, and you can read all about it here.

I found out about it through the flickr blog, which is quite cool.
I was a flickr user who didn’t read their blog for quite some time, but I’m super glad I do now!

For example, I just learned that Polaroid isn’t going to make instant film anymore!
Such sadness this news brings me.

But let’s not dwell on that!
It’s valentines day, which I love for it’s abundance of red, white, and hearts.

I’m going to strut around in striped tights and a Nubby shirt. Hopefully someone will get some pics of me at the pilow fight!

Maybe I’ll see you there! Feel free to come say hi!

Flickr Favorites 1/31

1. Disco Time, Bitch. Now You Can See The Rainbow., 2. Bye Bag, 3. wings of a dove, 4. swoon, 5. La Boca Del Lobo installation by Swoon, Solovei, and Alison Corrie, 6. La Boca Del Lobo installation by Swoon, Solovei, and Alison Corrie, 7. Perspectives, 8. Nothing but a pack of cards, 9. watching Alice, 10. 03, 11. Multiplex_Exposure_on_Polaroid, 12. Eva, 13. devin ponders, 14. my island, 15. no more four, 16. film noir

Morning lovelies!

There are some awesome pieces in my faves this week from NYC based street artist, Swoon.
I saw one of her pieces in person at Coney Island a few years back, and I’ve been following her work ever since.

Check out this flickr pool of her stuff.