Flickr Favorites 2/14

1. by Helmut Newton, 2. by Ellen von Unwerth, 3. designgraphik (sketch)., 4. Painting the American insignia on airplane wings is a job that Mrs. Irma Lee McElroy, a former office worker, does with precision and patriotic zeal. Mrs. McElroy is a civil service employee at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas. Her husband is a f, 5. poste2, 6. 3 formiche, 7. Mama Told Me Not To Fall In Love, 8. Head, 9. Part of the cowling for one of the motors for a B-25 bomber is assembled in the engine department of North American [Aviation, Inc.]’s Inglewood, Calif., plant (LOC), 10. fig. a:, 11. The haunted pianoforte, 12. apple for the day, 13. the third day…, 14. uk lomo 03-09, 15. 33/365, 16. POKEYFEST 2009

This week, I’m totally into the fact that the Library of Congress has a Flickr!

It’s there as part of Flickr project, The Commons, and you can read all about it here.

I found out about it through the flickr blog, which is quite cool.
I was a flickr user who didn’t read their blog for quite some time, but I’m super glad I do now!

For example, I just learned that Polaroid isn’t going to make instant film anymore!
Such sadness this news brings me.

But let’s not dwell on that!
It’s valentines day, which I love for it’s abundance of red, white, and hearts.

I’m going to strut around in striped tights and a Nubby shirt. Hopefully someone will get some pics of me at the pilow fight!

Maybe I’ll see you there! Feel free to come say hi!

Flickr Favorites 1/31

1. Disco Time, Bitch. Now You Can See The Rainbow., 2. Bye Bag, 3. wings of a dove, 4. swoon, 5. La Boca Del Lobo installation by Swoon, Solovei, and Alison Corrie, 6. La Boca Del Lobo installation by Swoon, Solovei, and Alison Corrie, 7. Perspectives, 8. Nothing but a pack of cards, 9. watching Alice, 10. 03, 11. Multiplex_Exposure_on_Polaroid, 12. Eva, 13. devin ponders, 14. my island, 15. no more four, 16. film noir

Morning lovelies!

There are some awesome pieces in my faves this week from NYC based street artist, Swoon.
I saw one of her pieces in person at Coney Island a few years back, and I’ve been following her work ever since.

Check out this flickr pool of her stuff.