On my birthday, I went to Golden Gate Park and spent some quality time with my Mom.
She had never been to San Francisco before, so I took her to the Conservatory of Flowers. Lucky for us, it happened to be their monthly free day!

While I had been to the conservatory before, I had never seen the Dahlia Dell. It was there that I learned that the Dahlia is the official flower of San Francisco.

I sat in the butterfly garden and watched the monarchs hatching. I love the gold and green pattern on their cocoons. I want to do something inspired by that palate now! Monarchs have the market cornered on color combinations, IMHO.

The Butterfly garden just got extended through March, so you have plenty of time to visit if you’re local.
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Recently, Tim got a tintype portrait from the kind folks at Photobooth as part of a team building day with his work.

I had been admiring it for a couple weeks, so one day he sweetly surprised me by buying me my own tintype session!

Here’s a little video that Cool Hunting made about Photobooth, and the tintype process:

The image displays upside down in the viewfinder, as is the case with many large format cameras.

I ended up having a choice between two shots, because the photographer wanted to test if a fresh batch of chemicals was ready yet or not.

Here’s how the second shot turned out:

On the whole, I’m happy with how it turned out, but I’m interested in going back for a another round!

[Tintype images by Michael Shindler/Photobooth, all others by Tim Riot]

Last weekend, Tim & I got brunch in Hayes Valley & stopped by my fave little candy shop, Miette!
We were greeted by these super cute cacti!
I am wearing:

Short sleeve hoodie – Cosa Nostra/Jeffery Sebalia
Grey lace skirt- H&M
Button leggings- Betty Page Clothing
Shoes – Indigo

Miette is the tastiest spot in Hayes Valley, with more candy than you can shake a stick at, and a working cotton candy machine!

Here’s hoping that the coming weekend is as delicious as the last!