The other day, I had the pleasure of shooting with the amazing Flip Cassidy!

He was only in the bay area for a couple short days, so we didn’t have much time to plan any on location shooting.

Instead, we just set up my studio lights and made do with what I had lying round the house.
I am SO PLEASED with what we came up with.

By Flip Cassidy
By Flip Cassidy
By Flip Cassidy

Flip is a great friend and an amazing photographer.

Many many thanks to him for a great time and a stunning set of pictures!

Shooting with Flip Cassidy

16 Things
[Photo by Evan Hayden]

1. I am a cowgirl. Not really, but I’ll have you tied up in under 10 seconds.
2. I am a sucker for anatomical models, typewriters, and anything you’d find in a riker mount.
3. I have almost no sense of smell. Sometimes I can smell stuff when I hold it up to my nose, but I can never smell anything airborne. There are a few things I can’t smell at all, ever, including by not limited to: Body Odor, Marijuana & paint.
4. My most-listened-to song of 2008 was “Oh My Stars” by A Weather.
5. The first cassette I ever owned was Weird Al Yancovic’s “Fat”. My first Cd was Green Day’s “Dookie”.
6. I collect words & phrases that are magic to me. I can’t describe what this means except that I know whem when I see them. For example, L’esprit de l’escalier, Diacope, & Hypallage.
7. Some fictional heros of mine are Pippi Longstocking, Johnny Truant, Bucky Wunderlick, Tank Girl, Primavera Bobinski & Billy Chaka.
8. I will only offer to teach you the guitar if I have a crush on you.
9. I am in the music video for Beirut’s “Elephant Gun”, and Maroon 5’s “Won’t Go Home Without You.”
10. One time, when I was a kid, my mom described me as 5-going-on-20. I didn’t know what this meant, so I repeated it to anyone who would ask me how old I was. This happened at least a dozen times before anyone explained it to me.
11. I have never broken a bone.
12. I cannot roll my “r”s
13. I can clap with one hand. also both, individually.
14. I have extreme difficulty swallowing pills.
15. When I was 4, I convinced my mom that I had been replaced by an identical twin of myself. I gave myself an absurd name, which I sadly cannot remember. My mom played along so well I truly believed I had convinced her, and later I had to tell her that I swapped places with my twin once more. I didn’t figure out that she was smarter than me about this until I was at least 7.
16. My senior year of college, I had to write myself a 5 year plan for what I planned on doing after graduation. My plan was: “Stay Awesome!”. I got an A.

Thanks to Marie for tagging me.

Sweet 16



Here’s a few more shots from Erin’s project:

As Shot by Erin Siegal
As Shot by Erin Siegal
Pat was nice enough to document what was going on:


View Camera FTW!

There are more pictures from Erin’s shoot with me over on flickr.

If you want to see more images from Erin’s 20something LGBTQ project, visit her blog at (some images NSFW!)

Thanks, Erin!