Here are a couple of my favorites from my shoot last week.

Star in the shower

This was shot at work, in one of our sets. It’s so handy to work somewhere with so many awesome places to take photographs!

The bathtub was sorta full of glass when we set it up though. haha.

Maroon 5 Video Shoot / I'm not a hooker, I just play one on MTV

This story ends with Maroon 5….but It starts with J-lo.

One day I got a call from a casting agency asking me to come audition for a Jennifer Lopez video.
David LaChapelle was directing, and since I’d worked for him before, they wanted me to come down.

This ended up being the video for “Do it well”.

I went to the casting office dressed, as they requested, like a hooker. There I was, among a whole lot of other people in all sorts of colorful outfits.
What was so fascinating about it for me though, was that everyone had their lovely and wholesome headshot in hand. It was totally surreal walking past everyone all tramped up, with a huge color photo of themselves looking like a commercial for toothpaste or insurance. Oh, and The a/c was busted.

I did my first screen test & I met alot of interesting people. That said, I didn’t make it in. A J-lo video was not in the cards for me…

But three days later, the casting agency called.
“we have ANOTHER hooker video coming up that you’d be PERFECT for!”


The next week I was on set and shooting for Maroon 5’s “Won’t go Home Without You”.

Like an idiot, I forgot my camera at home…So all I have for you is the one photo they posted on their site, and the video itelf. I’m in the distance in the middle of the above photo.
Truth be told, the camera wasn’t in love with me this time around.
Watch extra close at 2:01 and 2:07, and MAYBE you’ll spot me.

I did take a photo in the bathroom when I got home with all my makeup & teased hair.
I should try the hooker look more often.

post video shoot<

My apologies for my absence! I had some personal stuff come up, but now it’s full steam ahead on the path to the rest of my life!

Recently some of you have been asking me about my modeling work, so I’ll take this opportunity to talk about one of the last shoots I did.

My friend Evan Hayden came to visit me a few weeks ago, and while he was here, he did a shoot with myself and my friend Brenna. He has since turned the photos into a supremely awesome photo illustration!

Check it out:

& the detail shot!

Many thanks to Evan for turning me into a silver mercury creature!
I am very much looking forward to our future work together.