I’m in this month’s issue of Computer Arts magazine! Many thanks to them for featuring me in their My Style Is… column. I was asked to submit three items that I’m digging.

I chose:


I was also super stoked about the color changing front cover! All the agency names on the front turned purple in the sunlight, and they had a rad gloss UV effect on top.


Special thanks to Nadya Lev who shot the amazing photo for this feature. As a bonus, here’s another shot from that set. Hair was done by Lauren Rynders, with makeup by Carolina Espinosa.

Thanks Computer Arts for featuring my style! You can order a print copy here, or a pdf in the App Store.


Hi guys! This week’s issue of SFWeekly is ENTIRELY COMICS. One of them happens to be one that I drew.
This issue isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a comics issue though- it’s illustrated versions of the same columns that run every week. SFWeekly paired it’s columnists up with local cartoonists to create what they called “a terrifying mutant of journalism and illustration.”


I was paired up with Benjamin Wachs to do the Distillations column. Naturally, since this is the bar revue column, it was our duty to grab a round together at the bar in question- which turned out to be Trick Dog. I super loved the Zodiac themed menu, which you had to rotate to read. Also, hilariously, we ended up talking to Rob Baedeker and Chris Colin, which turned into this Fastco article. What are the odds of two groups of people doing separate articles in the same place at the same time striking up a conversation? So, this comic and that article together make the collision of two pieces of journalism in one bar.


If you’re in San Francisco, you should pick up a copy! Or if you’re not you can just read it online.

So I recently had the awesome privilege of illustrating/designing a book cover for Laurie Penny!
If you don’t know who she is, you should read the things she’s been writing about the London riots.

I had a lot of fun doing this cover- mostly because it let me do my two favorite things: drawing a pretty girl, and lettering type by hand.

Now I have to run off and do more scrambling to get ready for APE.

You can preorder Laurie’s book right here.

Hey guys! Girl Comics #3 is out now, in which I had the immense pleasure of lettering for Ann Nocenti and Molly Crabapple!

This is a Typhoid Mary story, and as such, one of the characters had several personalities, and needed letter styles for each one.
Needless to say this was one of the hardest, and also most rewarding pieces that I’ve ever lettered.

A million thanks to Marvel, Ann, and Molly for having me!
It was an honor to work with such talented ladies!!

Speaking of comics, I’m leaving for San Diego Comic Con tomorrow night!!
Leave a note if you are going and want to meet up!