Did everyone have a good weekend?
I spent it preparing for Stumptown, and recovering from finishing Comic Book Tattoo.

Sorry my posting was so sporadic last week. Finishing that book took every last bit of my energy, so things like blogging and answering e-mail fell to the wayside. :/

Anyways, I have more Weird Celebrities for you!


Salvador Dali


Andy Warhol

Most of this series was particularly hard to do in greyscale, but I’m pretty happy with the results.
Working for Weird Tales has really changed the way I work with greys for the better, and I’m seriously thankful for it.
Sometimes a little limitation can be all you need to push yourself forward.

3 more Weird Celebs left!

Here are some illustrations I did for Weird tales issue #346. I’m a little overdue to post this since it’s not on shelves anymore, but you can still get a copy here if you want.

Illustration to accompany the story “Ravenous” by Phil Brucato.

The Past Never Dies

Illustration to accompany the story “The Past Never Dies” by Holly Phillips.

The folks at weird tales are really cool, and I have stuff in the next couple issues…so check them out if you’re into scifi.

There’s an interview with me up on Newsarama. How cool is that?!

Also, so this post isn’t just shameless self promotion, I wanted to show you all the 2 best things I got at comicon that aren’t comics!

This is a plush representation of Polio, by Giant Microbes.
It’s actually what polio looks like under a microscope…minus the cute eyes and all.

They have 50 maladies available in plush form! You could buy your friend the common cold, chicken pox, even hepatitis!
So rad!

This is a hand silkscreened wooden notebook by Robert Goodin. The covers are made of 1/8′ plywood, and they are full-up with acid free paper. Not to mention that he and his wife are super nice.

In other news, I’ll be off at Burning man for a week starting on Monday! If there’s anything you need to get in touch with me for, do it now…because I’ll be off the grid very soon.

I got a couple nice write-ups recently & I just wanted to say thanks!

Chris Arrant is a rad dude who writes for alot of awesome publications. Thanks chris!


I know very little about the folks at Designismine, other than that they have a fantastic blog you should read. thanks, Designismine!