I will be in Portland, Oregon this weekend- attending Stumptown Comics Fest!! YAY!
If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to instead of keeping my blog up to date, I’ve been working on a new mini with none other than Mr. John C. Worsley.

I am at table 34! Come say hi! Buy my new mini!
Also, I have an awesome big surprise on the horizon that you will see either at the fest, or on here shortly thereafter.



I went to Vegas! I had a Tim with me! It was a long drive! I was really excited! I still am, can you tell?!!?!

Anyway. It was my first time in the city of sin, and dudes, I can’t wait to go back.
I shot a ton of video of shiny things, which you all will see in due time (i.e. whenever I get a chance to edit it).
Until then, there are a couple tiny preview stills:

Vegas Neon

Oh bellagio lobby! How I wish your beautiful flower sculpture wasn’t ruined by horrible Christmas decorations (not pictured).


Although, the Christmas stuff wasn’t all bad- this is us in the reflection of a giant Christmas present that was decorated to look like a disco ball!


We stayed at the Venetian, and honestly, I can’t think of any reason I would ever stay anywhere else.
The entire place was filled with murals and gold leaf, without an overload of lights and bad carpeting- the trademark tackiness present in most of Vegas.


I mean, there are gondoliers, people. Who doesn’t like gondoliers?!?


They also had a restaurants with bathtubs full of rose petals with candles. Sadly, you aren’t allowed to get in them.
This, my friends, is a TRAVESTY.


Also at the Venetian was Madame Tussard’s wax museum, where you’re allowed to touch and photograph the figures pretty much any way you like.


Prince & I are BFF, in case you were wondering.


Sammy Davis Jr. is also a close pal.


That said, Liberace and I go back pretty far, and clearly he is my best homeboy at Madame’s place. He even let me molest his disco piano– that’s how tight we are.


Before we left, we went and got the best frozen custard on the planet at Luv-it custard.

The dude with glasses in this photo gave Tim a flower that he has clearly pulled out of the ground somewhere and pointed at me saying:

You know what her name is? Queen! Model! Goddess! You know what your name is?!? LUCKY MAN!
I got to admit, I’m an alcoholic, but I get hungry too. Help me out?

We ended up giving him a couple bucks, and he made us bow our heads as he said a prayer for our safe travel home.


& travel safely we did, despite a 10 hour drive and SNOW for a whole section of mid-California.
Was it worth the drive?







Brooklyn Windows

I spent my Thanksgiving holiday in New York City staying with the excellent Mr. Tim.
He lives in a blisteringly stylish studio in Brooklyn, and I spent much of my time there ogling his furniture.

Brooklyn Windows

None of the windows in San Francisco have panes like this, which something I didn’t even notice until I was looking out over Brooklyn.

I also really liked how this rug makes it look like my legs are being sucked into a cow shaped vortex.

Legs & Rug
Nelson Clock

Tim Burton at NYCMOMA

We went to the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA.

We were accompanied by Amelia & Jon, which was super awesome.
The guards at MOMA were being super douchebags about letting us take pictures, so I only managed a few quick blurry snaps!

Heart Chain & Bear Lock

The section of the museum with pink walls was my favorite.

I was totally enamored by the work of Matthias Megyeri, particularly his Sweet Dreams Security series.


This garland is actually barbed wire.

Medicine Cabinet

I was also really into this red cross medicine cabinet, and these giant pill lights.

Pill Lights

The bauhaus exhibit was really great, too, but the guards were even more strict about photography. At least I got a picture in front of the sign.

Epic Chinese

We ate epic Chinese food and drank liquid cocaine.

We met up with Zoog, Xtian, and Jesse, and had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the Bowery with amazingly tacky LED lighting.
They had a ridiculous drink menu that had lots of beverages with offensive names.
We got the liquid cocaine (151, cinnamon schnapps, and Jager- oh my!).


We met up with Gala, Mike, Molly, and Lola at the Double Down Saloon for bacon martinis.

I had so much fun, I forgot to take any pictures. Gala took the cute shots above and below.


Panna Lights

Panna II is my new favorite fire hazard.

On Gala’s recommendation, we went to this restaurant with totally out of control Christmas and chili pepper lights.
The menu actually says “Where Christmas lights meet chili pepper lights.”

There’s another restaurant next door with exactly the same shtick, and they yell at you from the doorway trying to convince you why you should eat there.


Nikki Cook joined us, and we talked comics and ate spicy things.

Me & Nikki Cook

Then we went to Brooklyn and drank in a bar with rad wallpaper.

Brooklyn Wallpaper

It was great to be back east even if it was only for a couple days.
I really miss my friends back there, so here’s hoping I’ll be able to spend more time in New York soon!

Tim accompanied me back west, and we have a ton of adventures left to go on that I’m excited to share with you.
Next stop: Vegas!

New York!