A new project that I worked on is live! Ka’ana Belize, a hotel in Belize, wanted to create an interactive map that displayed travel times, local attractions, and amenities for their guests.

The site is a single-page with three different maps; World, Region, and Resort. In the World section, flight paths and times are displayed based on which city the user clicks. I’m particularly stoked on the flight path animations in this section! The Region and Resort sections both allow the user to check out different places by clicking points on the map that pop up sliding image galleries.

Art-directed by the incredibly talented Amy Weibel and originally developed by PixelCrayons, the project fell in my lap when Amy brought me in to do QA. After I compiled a bug list, I was asked to fix all the bugs I caught by the client and make some creative tweaks. Additionally, I polished the art assets and added an extra layer of parallax scrolling; the water, map sections and individual land masses move at slightly different speeds, which adds dimension and movement to the map. I also had to make this site cross-browser compatible, and responsive for the iPad.


In a boutique site of this nature, typography is everything. When I inherited the site, the kerning was not yet complete; as you can see in the example above, the spacing between the letters was very uneven. Kerning.js to the rescue! Joshua Gross’ awesome open-source library allowed me to adjust the kerning down to the letter.


Special thanks to Jared who helped me with some JS woes & thanks again to Amy for bringing me in on the project!

For Chinese New Year every year, a group of local pyromaniacs descend upon the streets of Chinatown.
The result is an evening of bangs and bursts, and a block-wide swath of red paper.
Watch the above video to get the full effect.

A special thank you to Jillian for letting me shoot with her camera.
I’m hoping to release a little video with a little bit of branding and animation every month for you guys to check out, so hopefully this is the first of a series.





In the spirit of trying to get into blogging more regularly- I’m going to try to do a weekly link roundup thing.
I’ve done this in the past, but never really seemed to hit my stride.
Here’s trying to make things different this time around.

I recently took a trip down to Los Angeles with my bandmate Kristen, so we could shoot a music video for the first single on our upcoming EP!
It was directed by the amazing and talented team of Chad Michael Ward and Niko Sonnberger.

I’m going to give the video it’s own post, so you can get a sneak peek of what Chad and Niko have planned for your eyeballs. Also, there will be a bunch of behind the scenes video and other goodness after it actually comes out!

Before all the excitement of working on the video, though, we had to drive all our gear down to LA, and get checked into our hotel.

We stayed at The Standard– which is basically my favorite hotel in Hollywood.

They will deliver booze-filled milkshakes TO YOUR ROOM.
If somebody can make that happen at my house, I would pay good money. Just saying.

They also have a pretty excellent restaurant in the lobby that’s open all night.
Behold it’s cuteness as we frantically drink coffee and decide what foods we ought to nom:

Tune in later this week for part 2: Our visit to Pygmy Hippo Shoppe!