I’m going out to the desert for the Fourth of Juplaya this weekend!

I will be away from all forms of communication until monday, phone included.

See you all next week!


grocery store dance party
turned dance fight

iphone speakers
total strangers


epic bell kicks
& the honey bears watched silently.

“Here’s my number if, y’know, you wanna have another dance party.”


Where is Star?

Over the past month or so, I’ve been really, really busy.
Here’s a brief & somewhat cryptic list of some things that have been taking up my time, each of which warrant their own, less cryptic, posts at a later date:

+ Music

I’ve been continuing to work on my solo album, but it’s recently been sidetracked a bit because I met my creative doppelganger & as such I unexpectedly have a new music project.
There will be more, much more, on this topic later.

+ Podcast

I’ve been guesting on a rad podcast with a fair amount of frequency, which I will reveal whenever some of the more recent episodes I’m on get posted.

+ Video

I’ve been working on both some documentary video pieces (similar to stuff you’ve seen here before) as well as some new video art (which is something I’ve been neglecting for a couple years).

+ Comics

I finished a 4 page autobiographical comic for an anthology, which I’ll tell you all about when it’s coming out. I will just say that this comic was perhaps the hardest to finish piece I’ve ever worked on, next to Rescue Breathing. I think this means I need to get more comfortable with autobio.

+ Super sekrit project!

I can’t tell you what this project is, but I can tell you it launches on April 1st.

More information on all of this very soon, I promise!


This picture of my workspace was in my interview with CarmineMag,
but I thought I’d post it here for all of you to see as well!
You can sort of tell what the inside of my heart looks like if you stare real close.

An abbreviated list:

+ Toy Pianos
+ Flying V Ukulele
+ Rodi
+ Photo Booth Photos
+ Death Notices
+ Stereograms
+ Anatomical models
+ Dead things in Riker Mounts
+ Porno Valentines
+ X-rays
+ Postcards (Nubby, Dharma Initiative, Letterpress)
+ Antique keys
+ Lego Hard Drive
+ Conference Passes
+ Test Tubes
+ Polaroids
+ Macbook
+ Wacom Tablet