We Are Giving Up

We Are Giving Up is a collaborative comic and triple album project that I made with John C Worsley.
We both took a cross country road trip using the same route, in opposite directions.

We decided to create a multimedia project about our respective trips, and all the things that happened to us on that same road.

We each made an album using the same parameters (same key, same length, same bpm, etc) in the hopes that we could play both of them at the same time and create a third album- never having listened to each other’s work.

We also made an accompanying comic book which could be read in either direction, in which every page represented a state we passed through on the trip.

It’s available for purchase on our Bandcamp page.

Listen to the preview below!

Clever & Naive (A 24 Hour Comic)

Selected panels. Story by Mary Bee. Completed in 24 hours for 24 hour comic book day 2008.

Heartbreak, Just Friends

Selected panels from the upcoming anthology, Heartbreak, Just Friends.
Autobiographical true stories of heartbreak.

Womanthology (IDW)

Selected panels from upcoming IDW anthology, Womanthology. Story by Maura McHugh.

Rescue Breathing

Selected pages. Part of the Malarkey Anthology.

Strange Tales (Marvel)

Coloring and lettering for Strange Tales #1. Story by John Leavitt, Art by Molly Crabapple.

Girl Comics (Marvel)

Lettering for Girl Comics #3. Story by Annie Nocenti, Art by Molly Crabapple.

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