+ Never thought I’d say this about anyone, but this guy definitely likes helvetica more than I do.

+ Bittbox posted a great list of Flickr groups for typographical inspiration.

+ The longest list of online css tools I’ve ever seen, from backtoessentials.

+ Tips on how to use call to action buttons on your site.

+ James Jean just uploaded a veritable plethora of scans from his sketchbooks on his site (some of it is NSFW)

+ Some of the stop motion animations in this Smashing Magazine post make me swoon

+ Zappos is selling a 50,000 limited edition t-shirt that gives it’s owner the ability to disable their significant other’s zappo’s account for life.

+ This band, Francis and the Lights, decided to incorporate instead of signing to a record label for funding. Now they’re tracking their spending publicly on twitter.

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  1. Vixel says:

    That t-shirt is absolute genius!

  2. Lenora Jayne says:

    That Zappos shirt is pretty amazing; I love the “it’s complicated” option.

    And I am so looking forward to seeing James Jean’s show here in NYC; I definitely had a bit of a “dance all excited in my living room” moment when I found out he’d be at Jonathan Levine; one my of favorite illustrators.

  3. Kai says:

    James Jean’s sketchbooks are stunning!
    F&L’s expense tweets are great. I wonder how long they’ll keep it up? Until they’re significantly profitable? Forever?

  4. Marie says:

    OH NO HE DIN’T!!!

  5. Kate says:

    Oh gosh, now that is dedication to fabulous typography.

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January 8th, 2009