Almost a year ago now, I wrote some chiptune music for the Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform. After that, I was interested in seeing where the new chiptune stuff I was working on would intersect with the cello stuff I’ve been doing for years with This Can’t End Well. I started working on a new electronic set to play at the CBGB music festival in New York last fall, but then the venue closed unexpectedly & I didn’t perform.

I remember being in New York having lunch with Kim Boekbinder & she encouraged me to keep going with it. She had been through a similar transition into making dancy music, so I heeded her advice. I kept working on new experimental material, and I ended up contributing one of these tracks to The Sonic Arcana. Since then, I’ve been building out an EP of this new cello & chiptune material.

Kim asked me to play a show with her when she came to SF in June, so now, for the first time ever, I’m going to play this music for you – TONIGHT!

Friday 13th of June
Fortress Callosum
750 Natoma St, SF


$5-15 donation – tickets available at the door.

Kim Says:

Space songs, Earth songs, Mermaid songs, Love songs. Music for lovers and makers and fierce creators.

Join us for this very special evening of music where everyone will be presenting something brand new.

Bring friends and family, bring love and whiskey. Bring some dollars to stuff in our shiny pants.

We fucking love you. We really do.

Kim Boekbinder – The Impossible Girl

Star St.Germain

Jennifer Rannells

Jason Sole

Playing solo and together. Making noise to transport you to another universe.

Wear something shiny. Bring your dancing feet.

We’re excited!

RSVP on Facebook if you’re coming!

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I am a tornado disguised as a girl.

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Show with Kim Boekbinder TONIGHT!

Posted on

June 13th, 2014