My main musical project at the moment is This Can’t End Well, a string-based indie chamber lounge group. Born in my San Francisco living room on an unusually hot summer afternoon, This Can’t End Well started off as a cello/viola duo before quickly growing into a trio, then a quartet. The lineup and the instruments are constantly rotating, but the songs keep coming.


I also released a triple album with John C Worsley called We Are Giving Up.
We each made two separate albums with songs in matching tempos and keys; the idea was that both albums could be played simultaneously to form a third album. It totally worked.
It’s available for purchase on our Bandcamp page.

Lastly, I am one half of the experimental performance group We Used to Talk, where I’m responsible for the cello, video art, and all the things a person can do with lungs and lips.

Past projects:
Princess Playdate
The Bad Idea Party
The Secret Dreamlives of Engineers