"An exciting multiplayer Discord game asks you to find things in the multiverse through an AI image generator. The hallucinatory results could mark a new frontier for AI art"
- The Guardian

The Bureau of Multiversal Arbitration was a narrative game that used generative AI as a core mechanic to unlock creativity, collaboration, and emergent storytelling.

The BMA inside the game was a fictional, interdimensional agency that assists multiverses in crisis. Players took on the role of an "Arbiters" for the BMA and were asked to find solutions from across the multiverse to solve each client's unique problems.

Structured as a series of weekly events, the game's three phases involved players collaborating to submit solutions, voting on each other's submissions, and receiving video updates documenting the consequences of their actions.

Press & Awards


Game Design, Art Direction, Traditional & AI Animation, Video Editing, Voice Acting, Live Chat Acting

The BMA Team

Nadya Lev, Star St.Germain, Nick Tierce, Steve Peters, HN Hoffman, AJ Ruckman, Andi Hegedus