D.I.C.E. Awards Mobile Game of the Year Roundtable

Watch our extended roundtable conversations from the 24th Annual #DICEAwards, moderated by Kahlief Adams, with candid conversations and insights from the nominees for Mobile Game of the Year.

The Eggplant

I have appeared on The Eggplant podcast several times as both a host and as a guest! Many thanks to those folks for having me.

As a host

Tender Claws' Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzazo join us - to discuss their singular immersive theater experience The Under, creating an enriching social space in VR, and gameplay as an act of rebellion.

Daniel Mullins (Pony Island, The Hex) joins us to discuss his inky black card-based odyssey, Inscryption. We discuss [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted].

As a guest

Aconite founders Star St. Germain and Nadya Lev and lead designer Scott Jon Siegel join us to discuss their beautiful, mixed reality mind bender HoloVista. We chat about embracing hidden object game design, telling personal stories through a lens of social media, and subverting the selfie museum.

The Video Game Robot Show

Listen to us turn Doom into a racing game.

Everybody's Talking At Once

We talk about the existential perils of social media saturation, the unique possibilities of generative image-making, and the many things we mean when we say mixed reality.

Selected Interviews