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Star St.Germain

Designer // Developer // Illustrator // Instigator

All Hands On Deck!

This Is Star is a design studio specializing in dazzling multidisciplinary projects for creative businesses and individuals.

I’m principal art director Star St. Germain! My crackerjack crew sails the fog-veiled waters of San Francisco Bay, though we’re ready and able to work with clients from any part of the globe on:

• Ideas and Consulting
• Branding / Identity / Logo Design
• Web Presence Design & Development
• Illustration
• Motion Graphics / Animation
• Video Production & Editing
• Music Composition & Scoring
• Promotion & Social Presence Optimization

We’ve got the knowledge and the peoplepower to take your endeavor from fuzzy intent to glorious reality. Let’s help you make your idea as great as you know it is.